Who is a disruption advisor? – Welcome Tommi to Taival!

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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What’s most important to know about you?

–I have opened my first business when I was 15 before the internet was there. I was running a BBS (bulletin board system) for a local operator. I’ve always liked things that beeped and made sound so that’s why I have been working on something new and something technical.

It’s always been so that I would work somewhere while building a startup at the same time. Now being part of the board in startups have become somewhat of a hobby too. I joined Taival from Fonecta where I was the CDO responsible about whole Fonecta service portfolio, ICT and security; I was also Fonecta board member. Before I’ve been in Accenture, Telia, Elisa, Fonecta and many startups.

What are you passionate about?

– As I mentioned, technology has always been one passion for me. But also, it is understanding the new things, disruption. Understanding the change, or better to be driving that change actually. Outside work I love mountain biking and I have a few collections. I collect SAAB cars – now have 10 of them! And Commodore Amica Computers.

Why Taival?

– I believe being part of Taival is an opportunity to make a difference. The assignments we are working on are interesting and more meaningful, that’s important. And I would like to be part of a team where people are exciting, fun and generally nice guys.

I also still have some time for myself and to put energy into innovating or creating something totally new.

What is your role at Taival? Why Disruption Advisor?

– I was asking myself “what are the things a company has to do to be disrupting?”. Of course, by now we can agree that digital is the new normal – it enables to build new things. And the speed of change keeps accelerating.

So, to be disrupting a company should have a good strategy, good company culture combined with new ways of utilizing digital capabilities. That’s how you get disruption.

Of course, disruption involves risks, but in Finland, managers are reluctant to change – they don’t want to take those risks. I would like to change that culture. We need to take risks and fail. And of course, I would like to see that disruption happen in more companies in Finland and be part of it.

An idea you would like to share?

– Now that we mentioned doing new things – Matias Mäenpää and Anssi Kiviranta wrote an interesting book about Exit. 15 real stories about entrepreneurs what created success from scrats. One of my favourite stories was about Markus Mäki (Remedy entertainment) I’d recommend reading the book.

Thank you, Tommi!

Stay tuned to hear more about the people of Taival. If you’ve missed our previous introduction – go ahead and take a look.