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Who is Véro?

I am originally from Luxemburg. I moved to Berlin to start my studies and stayed in this amazing and diverse city. In a quiet moment, I sit down and draw and in an active moment, I go for a run.

I am driven by my passion to transform the traditional economy and companies to contribute to a circular and sustainable economy. To stay motivated, I pull my energy from like-minded people and success stories. My understanding of the circular economy and business model attributes helps me to identify the right practices to close the loop. My initial background is in communication and event management. I quickly realised, that in our time I had to follow a more purposeful and impactful work to do justice to the world we live in today. Following this, I started my masters in innovation management, entrepreneurship, and sustainability with a focus on circular economy. My work experiences in big corporations and with agile start-ups help me to understand the different and diverse working fields. I am eager to learn, grow and understand new approaches, different ideas, and diverse connections


What are you great at?

I have well-established interpersonal skills, connecting to and understanding other people’s needs and applying problem-solving thinking to efficiently address their issues. My goal is to always try to find pragmatic and effective solutions with long-term effects. I am able to break down complex tasks and topics to structure them in an ordered manner. I enjoy imparting knowledge and helping other people to grow as well as learning from the exchange of knowledge with them. And I am great at baking cakes, but this already refers to the next question.


What do you like to do in your free time?

As much as I love the city and all the opportunities Berlin brings, I also need my breaks in nature, while going for a run in the park or a bike ride to a lake. On a usual week, I play basketball and go boulder indoors. I love exploring the cafés and restaurants which offer the most amazing varieties. Moreover, I am eager for having conversations that shake my way of thinking and spark new ideas. In a moment by myself, I draw with watercolours or read a book. When a change of scenery is needed, I travel to the south to the beach or the mountains.


Why Taival?

I encountered Taival during my research for my master’s thesis and found their approach towards the transformation to a digital and circular economy very interesting from the beginning. Taival is not just another consultancy, but I realised that I would be able to work with like-minded people, tackling together the transformation to disrupt business as usual.  I saw real purpose in the work of Taival and the passion of the warm-hearted Taivaleers I met. Therefore, I am excited for the coming challenges with Taival to grow, learn and support.


Recommended books/ideas? Why?

The future we choose – by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac. It was one of the first books I read on the climate crisis, which outlined the urgency we are in to act. But it also displayed the opportunities and the mindset as well as optimism that we have to hold on to. More inspiring is their podcast Outrage and Optimism, in which they outline current events, actions, and news on climate while talking to different relevant players. They underline the importance, as the title expresses, of simultaneously being outraged and optimistic.


What would you like to say to our readers?

Let’s get in touch and start the transformation to a better and more equal world today!