Welcome to the team Sini Saalasti!

Who is Sini?

I am a value-driven business development and sales professional with a background in SMEs, startups, and growth companies. I have been building new business models and working with innovative technologies in several industries – machinery and industrial services, built environment, e-commerce, and technology. My roles have been changing from international sales to business development and supply chain management. I get particularly excited about strategic renewal, industrial businesses, circular economy, biodiversity, and food chain topics.


What are you great at?

The years in the fast-paced startup and growth company world have taught me to quickly perceive new cases, identify opportunities, and react fast to them with novel concepts and plans. Since I have been working in close cooperation with various internal departments and many external stakeholders during my career, it is natural for me to look at the big picture, and I also know how to take divergent needs and conflicting interests into consideration. I would like to say I am generally good with people, too. On the other hand, I am a management research nerd who loves to bury herself in theoretical frameworks and articles of favorite scholars.


What do you like to do in your free time?

The more I can spend time outdoors, the happier I am. Mostly I am jogging around our beautiful home forests in the Nuuksio national park with my two dogs. I like to challenge myself in ultra-distance trail running and the training consists of other endurance sports as well: cycling, swimming, kayaking, and not forgetting the most thrilling one: Nordic walking. The autumn and winter I dedicate to hunting and sunny spring days are best-spent randonnée skiing. Since I’m endlessly curious, I love documentaries, nonfiction audiobooks, and news podcasts. In the kitchen, I am eager to learn new vegan recipes, besides my game dishes.


Why Taival?

I was impressed by Taival’s team of experts and the strategy focused on sustainable success. I have always wanted to make a positive impact on the world with my work and the urge to issue that more concretely on ESG matters has been rising in recent years. Helping organizations merge sustainability topics into their strategic transformation is a dream job for me.


Recommended books/ideas? Why?

  • My favorite business book of all time, as a management research nerd, has been Gary Hamel’s “The Future of Management” (2007) on management innovation. Hamel is not about theoretical robustness, but this book was an eye-opener for me.
  • For the Finnish audience author Risto Isomäki might be more familiar with his sci-fi and climate-themed fiction books, but “Ruoka, ilmasto ja terveys” (Food, Climate and Health) from 2021 is a timely work comparing the climate and health impacts of animal origin and vegan food.
  • Mikhail Zygar’s “All the Kremlin’s Men” (2015) describes well our neighbor society’s power structures that are far from our western world.
  • As a lighter recommendation, The South Korean best-seller “The things you can see only when you slow down” (2012), by Buddhist teacher Haemin Sunim, has several on-point gentle philosophical reminders for us who always tend to be rushing from one place to another.


What would you like to say to our readers?

I have just recently started my Ph.D. studies on environmental corporate responsibility and board work (entirely alongside work). The topic will take shape and sharpen many times during this fall, and during the following years, too. If you happen to have excellent insights or sharp opinions on this theme, I am more than happy to take a cup of coffee over an interesting conversation!