Welcome to the team Jens Jürgen Fiedler!


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Who is Jens?

I am a navigator, enabler, and architect for sustainable digital innovations, agile strategy designs and transformational changes with professional stations in prestigious digital consultancies and innovation agencies, five co-founded digital start-ups as well as international enterprises and institutions in the creative and cultural industries. With an emphasis on digital, I have a profound collaborative and intercultural leadership experience in my core areas of strategy, entrepreneurship, and design. Also, I hold a Triple Crown Executive MBA from Technical Univ. of Munich (TUM), Univ. of St.Gallen (HSG), and Tsinghua Univ. Beijing (THU), a Diploma in Design from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (AdBK), relevant certificates – from sustainability, AI up to organisational change – of i.e. the HPI Potsdam, Univ. of Helsinki or KTH Executive School Stockholm, and have a hands-on experience in academic research and teaching.


What are you great at?

I am good at bringing opposites under one umbrella – privately and professionally.

In my private life, I am a dad (the “main job”) to my daughter – who is currently in 2nd grade. For me, personally, often a wonderful balancing act between being giggly or goofy but on the other side very in charge, between new adventures, and familiar routines as well as inspiring a child´s cosmos and the complex adult world.

Professionally in cross-linking contradictory paradigms and disciplines from design, business, and IT into the business design to boost, build and operationalise innovations and transformations for the generation of future-proof problem solutions at the intersection of business, design, and digital technology. Specifically: creativity and strategy, agility and stability, experimentation and planning, lean start-up principles and structured process designs – all paired between leadership and self-directed teamwork.


What do you like to do in your free time?

For my soul, brain jogging: reading, listening to music (ideally LPs) ranging from classic, alternative, electro to jazz as well as visiting art and cultural events (my favorite is the Biennale of Art or Architecture in Venice) as well as cooking fusion kitchen for friends.

For my body: real jogging, running through the Nymphenburg Palais Park around my hood, in winter alpine and cross-country skiing in the Bavarian Alps, in summer all kinds of water sports at the lakes close to Munich (but preferably at the sea…).


Why Taival?

Four points that thrill me: First, the warm and constructive pre-meetings with Michael and Juri. Secondly, the professional possibility to combine my digital innovation expertise – including the user-centric methods such as (service) design thinking or agile development – with sustainability and circularity in order to enhance digital solutions with more planet centricity. Thirdly, the membership of the “Fusion Ecosystem” of Reaktor, what makes a value-driven asset in combination with Northern European innovation spirit, and therefore fourthly, all these points together (and of course much more) are a unique chance to scale Taival in Germany – especially in these very volatile times.


Recommended books/ideas? Why?

Wow. There are so many.

In a professional context, I recommend “This is Service Design Thinking” by Jakob Schneider and Marc Stickdorn. Why? Because the co-creation of services around a product – or product-as-a-service – is one important driver of the circular transformation, especially in the shift from disposable products to longevity and added value. Just think e.g. of predictive maintenance services with AI and virtual services on remote or data-driven applications. For me personally, this is one of the best hands-on books, in which a claviature of interdisciplinary disciplines are orchestrated in a human-centric approach. From ideation to strategy up to co-creation and implementation, it quickly brings the reader to “service design doing”. I myself often used and adjusted the approach in consulting clients to boost digital solutions, drive transformations or initiate cultural changes.

For another smile on a face, I recommend Jonathan Lethem’s stories of “Men and Cartoons”. In fantastic, truly humorous stories, the author creates unique fictional worlds with a breathtaking variety of styles – there’s no need for good wine while reading these books anymore.


What would you like to say to our readers?

I like to hand over a sentence on a postcard, which I found and bought at my bakery on a Sunday morning: “Change is the only constant in the universe” – that brings a lot of upcoming challenges to the point!