Welcome Sari Kola to the Taival team!


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Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Sari?

Neo-generalist- a person who enjoys both having the big picture and diving into the details. A mother of 3, business leader, and master’s athlete. Driven, energetic, and generally in a good mood.

What are you great at?

I like to explore new territories by listening to people, gathering information from various sources – and then telling stories and drawing pictures that help to simplify complexity into something that people can understand.

What do you bring to Taival customers and partners in the ecosystem?

With my 20+ years of experience as a global business leader, I can relate to the challenges that many businesses face today. As a researcher, I like learning and exploring – and that helps me bring new viewpoints to the discussions. In addition, I speak a number of languages that support personal relationship building :-).

What do you like to do in your free time?

Above all, I am a weightlifter. I enjoy tennis and golf, running, and occasional yoga. In addition to sports, I love reading, cooking, and knitting.

Why Taival?

I appreciate Taival’s capabilities to operationalize strategy and ways of working with data-based architecture and business models. Plus, the team has great talents with a sense of humor. So it is an opportunity to think and do, learn, and have fun!

Recommended books/ideas?

Ecosystem Handbook of course 🙂 And if I were to read one book about strategy, it would be The Strategy Process.

What would you like to say to our readers?

It is all about attitude. If it were easy, someone would have done it already!

Feel free to reach out and connect to Sari on LinkedIn.