Welcome Sanna Piha to the Taival team!


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Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Sanna?

Sanna is a curious polymath with a Why not? attitude. She brings with her 25 years of managerial and leadership experience in international growth organisations. Sustainability and collaboration are key attributes of the modern work near to her heart. She aims to look into the future but with an understanding of the past and present as well as at the big picture while not overseeing the micro-level view.

What are you great at?

I’m a natural thinker and enjoy working together with diverse people and teams. I feel I’m best at turning challenges into opportunities – facilitating the innovation, development, and implementation of customer value-driven solutions as well as new business and operational models that power growth.

What are you going to do at Taival?

My main focus is on supporting our customers in navigating common challenges and new requirements they face at work and giving a helping hand on managerial tasks that are part of developing, running, and growing their business to the next level. I will also do my best in contributing to Taival’s promise on being an unordinary consulting company by leading our strategy practice, Strategy Cell, and the StratOps concept. Lastly, with my role Taival is further expanding within Finland, thus customers and partners in Tampere region will have a local contact.

Why Taival?

As I came to know Taival last year I found the team to be nice people with curious and great minds. The themes Taival is committed to working on and their human and ambitious approach resonated with me.

I believe that conventional ways need to be reflected on, if not questioned, and that people in organisations should be enabled to work together on co-creating the best way for themselves to reach their destination.

Recommended books/ideas? Why?

As food for thought, I recommend exploring Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics – The challenge of complexity to ways of thinking about organisations by Ralph D. Stacey and Chris Mowles. The authors challenge the conceptual orthodoxy of planned strategy, focusing instead on the emergence and the predictable unpredictability of organisational life.

I think the book presents well some of the structural and operational difficulties and paradoxes related to strategising and management that we all have experienced in practice.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy nature and family life at our organic vegetable farm. Though my free time is now sparse since I’m also participating in a program for Professional Doctorate in Management at University of Hertfordshire.

What would you like to say to our readers?

It would be nice to go for a coffee and hear what you are thinking. Please reach out!