Welcome Petri to the Taival team!

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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Who is Petri in a nutshell?

My friends may call me a music producer and my colleagues probably call me a business strategist. In my youth, I was determined to become a professional musician. While doing my military service, a couple of my roommates were prepping to apply for business studies. I read their books and decided to take the admission test as well. I got in and was immediately fascinated with theories of business and economics and studied technology on the side. This launched me on a journey of 20+ years in consulting with stints in the US and the UK.

Today I live in Espoo and have one daughter and one son.

What are you great at?

The roles of a music producer and a business strategist are very similar. In music, we have a limited number of notes available to create something original. In business we do the same with the business equivalent of notes. People tell me that my strengths are in the creative use of the available business notes to create differentiated business strategies. And especially how to apply the new emerging enablers in a way that creates tangible value in specific business contexts.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love playing guitar and performing live with various bands. I am also quite home centric and like to spend time around the house with family and friends. I enjoy riding my bike around to admire the beautiful nature of Finland.

Why Taival?

Succeeding with disruption requires unlimited curiosity, courage, and openness. Taival to me is an ideal platform for co-creation with various types of clients and a diversified ecosystem of innovation. And Taival’s passion for a new approach to strategy, one that leverages the trends of digital, circular economy, data, and ecosystems is to me a winning combination in our discontinuous world.

Recommended books/ideas?

Too many excellent books to choose from. But honoring the revelation the late Clayton M. Christensen gave me through the book he co-authored with Michael E. Raynor I’ll pick the absolute classic of “The Innovator’s Solution” published in 2003. Truly relevant ideas survive disruption.

Last thoughts?

Please join me and the Taival family in reimagining our future and making it real!