Welcome Pasi Mantila – our Chief Growth Officer – to the Taival team!

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Pasi?

I am a growth business developer and leader with over 20 years of broad management experience in various business functions and transformation programs, mainly in growth companies.

In my career, I’ve got to experience various roles, including in technology and management consulting, finance and legal operations, ERP-program management, and as a CEO of a successful turnaround and M & A case, to name a few.

What are you great at?

I think my strengths are crystallizing and communicating complexity, emotional intelligence and coaching skills, and systematic but resilient strategy execution. I bring energy to work with topics I find inspiring.

What do you bring for Taival customers and partners in the ecosystem?

I know the challenges of business leaders in first hand. And with my experience in business-driven technology transformation, I can understand the perspective of both the client and vendor sides. With this, I am aiming to bring tangible and executable strategies and energy to our customers.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love sports: cross-country and downhill skiing in winter and golf during the summer. I also play tennis and padel all year round and try to stay in shape by training regularly at the gym and jogging sometimes.

When not in the field, I love to read books and spend time with my family. We like to travel, cook and enjoy nice restaurants and city walks. I also take time to learn, and I recently have studied to achieve an “Approved Member of the Board” certificate.

Why Taival?

I appreciate Taival’s ambitious growth strategy and entrepreneurial culture. I believe in agile and inclusive strategy work and systematic strategy implementation, so StratOps as a methodology resonates well with my thoughts.

I want to work for sustainable development, so I am inspired by the opportunity to work with skilled colleagues to promote circular economy strategies. I firmly believe Taival is an excellent place for me to develop as a leader further.

Recommended books/ideas?

“Strategiatyö- organisaation voimanlähde” by Kirsti Kehusmaa. The basic idea of the book is that strategy work includes the execution as well. It has very good ideas for inclusive strategy work.

What would you like to say to our readers?

We live in strange times, but I believe there are more possibilities than threats. And I choose to grab those possibilities at the intersection of circular economy, technology & data.

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