Welcome Max to the Taival team!

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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At Taival we work to create sustainable value for our clients and their stakeholders. We are making a more sustainable and a more circular world one step at a time. For that to come true we make sure we have the right capabilities in our team and we are able to create the best solutions together with our clients.

We are excited to welcome an expert in eco design, sustainability and future research Dr. Max Marwede on board! We had a quick call with Max to have a good introduction.

So, who is Max in a nutshell?

Max: I have worked in sustainability research for over 10 years. Mainly in the areas of eco design, sustainable economics, future research and technology assessment. My background is actually in econophysics and philosophy with a focus on sustainability and business ethics. I have a 2 year old son and live in Berlin.

Why focus on sustainability?

Max: I have worked a lot in technology research. But what is the purpose of technology? It can either be used for greater good or be misused. For example nuclear physics or genetics.

I think the purpose ultimately should be the well being of people. So we should define the rules and use of technology with that in mind.

What are you great at?

Max: Something that comes already from my background is interdisciplinary work. For example combining the creative and scientific way of working, taking the best of both worlds and adding technology and business to the mix.

I also bring along social skills to bring people together, translate the “languages” between those different groups and enable them to work together, find common sense.

What are you going to do at Taival?

Max: I am kicking it off by developing a maturity model to assess how far a company is on its way to sustainability. Looking at strategy, processes and internal collaboration levels and more.

Why Taival?

Max: I would like to support companies to be more sustainable through my work and Taival is a company with a strong purpose that believes sustainability is the future.

Taival also understands that the world is not linear – it is a dynamic and complex system. And that means we need to create dynamic, creative and agile strategies too.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Max: I like basketball, badminton, nature and biking outside of Berlin.

A book you would recommend?

Max: “Reinventing organisations” by Frederic Laloux – he talks about a different type of companies where leadership is based on collaboration and that have network team structure. Companies like that are flexible, agile and effective, they engage and encourage participation.

Thanks, Max!

Max: Thank you too, happy to work for Taival and shape a more sustainable future!

Max’s photo credit: MediaCPhotoworks