Welcome Majella Clarke to the Taival team!


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Shortly introducing yourself – Who is Majella?

I have worn lots of hats in my life – Climate Change Scientist, Environmental Economist, Musician, Artist, Researcher, Data and AI Strategist to name just a few. But the essence of who we are as humans is defined by our values and what we do with our knowledge and resources. I started my consulting career with a company whose core value was Love of Life, and I have taken that with me every step of the way.

What are you great at?

Probably the hardest question to answer because it depends on the circumstance and my strengths change and develop. On one hand, I am quite analytical and on the other hand, I am also creative. Combining creative and analytical thinking is very useful when solving complex problems and developing strategies. Conducting is my other strength – whether it is conducting an ensemble of musicians or a team solving a complex problem, conductors help groups to play on the same page. It means one has to really understand the problem, while understanding people and their personal intentions to create an aligned outcome.

Why Taival?

I first encountered Taival in 2018 at Helsinki Fashion Week and they made a memorable impression because they were one of the only companies that understood the importance and potential of the circular economy. Since then, I can see that Taival are leading the way organising events and discussions on circular economy and how the role of digital transformation can create a compelling business case to accelerate change towards circularity of materials and resources within the economy. We also connected on our passion for music and art – and it is perhaps this later that made the decision to come to Taival so natural.

Recommended books/ideas? Why?

Don’t Drop the Mic: The Power of your Words Can Change the World – it’s a great book about the importance and power of communication.

The Fine Art of Success: How Learning Great Art Can Create Great Business – it gives a different perspective on strategy and insights into how some of the greatest artists overcome and approached challenges and problems.

One of my favourite frameworks and articles is Understanding New Power from Harvard Business Review. It encapsulates why there can be so much resistance to good ideas, and how power, leadership and influence are changing with the times.


What would you like to say to our readers?

I am friendly and approachable, feel free to get in touch!