Welcome Maija to the Taival team!

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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Who is Maija? What is your background?

I’m a sustainability and people enthusiast with a mission to address climate change. In my 14 years of soul searching in working life, I’ve found that I have a strong drive to enable the sustainable use of natural resources and keep the materials in use through circularity.

My background is in the paper and forest industry, consulting, and circular economy market research. I worked and lived in London and Munich and enjoy a multicultural everyday life.

‍What are you great at?

I have a childlike curiosity for new things. It helps me to dig deeper into new topics and to connect with people. Helping others solve small and big problems makes me tick.

What do you like to do in your free time?

My thoughts and ambitions usually are focused on the next meal in my free time. International food, homemade food, and cherishing meals with family and friends makes me happy. I enjoy spending time in nature and at the summer cottage. I concentrated on the next travel plans besides meal planning before the pandemic: now I revisit the travel pictures and video call my closest friends abroad in Chile, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, and Poland.

Why Taival?

2020 showed me that the circular economy flagship country (Finland 😉) is the safe haven to return to. In the times of COVID and special global circumstances, I’m proud of my country and all the leading circular economy work happening here. I was determined to find a role where I can work with people who share the same understanding about the opportunities of circular economy in business life and in the public sector. And that’s when I found Taival.

What books/ideas would you recommend?

I like to read the Innovation News Network https://www.innovationnewsnetwork.com/ for the latest innovations and research topics.

Last thoughts?

”Always remember, your focus determines your reality” by George Lucas. I like that thought a lot, even without being a big Star Wars or Indiana Jones fan 😊.

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