AI Monday webinar

State of AI in times of COVID-19
Monday - 04.05.
10.30 - 11.30 EEST
"Putting AI to work against COVID-19" - University of Cambridge

"COVID-19, surveillance and the threat to your rights" -
Amnesty international

"Russia: AI and hi-tech surveillance to fight the COVID-19 epidemic amidst fears of rights violations" -
International Human Rights observatory

AI is making it back to the headlines along with news of COVID-19.
But the headlines tell very different stories.

On one hand you can see hope in using AI to make progress. After all, AI is a tool we can use for greater good.

On the other, we hear of human rights abuse, surveillance and strict control.

AI in times of COVID is controversial but an important conversation. So we invited experts in the areas of AI, AI ethics and technology to talk about it.

Hosted by Taival CEO and Executive Partner - Michael Hanf.

The recording and output of the webinar are available here.

Welcome – 5 min.
Taival Intro – 5 min.
Opening statement by each participant– 15-30 min.
Panel discussion and Q&A – 15-30 min.
Closing – 5 min.

Tim Dahmen

Senior Consultant / Coordinator for COVID-19 activities

Simo Särkkä

Coordinator of AI for Health/

Meeri Haataja

CEO, co-founder /
Affiliate at Berkman Klein Center

Michael Hanf

CEO and Executive Partner

AI Monday co-organizers

Part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.

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