Digitally Circular webinar

Food Supply
Wednesday - 21.10.
17.00 - 19.00 (EEST)
A continuously growing population of the world requires food. However the linear systems of food production are not fit for a circular world: wasteful, inefficient, and polluting, these systems need an overhaul.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the linear nature of the production systems is responsible for USD 5,7 trillion of costs annually.

In this edition of Digitally Circular, we will hear solutions that address the food supply and production - one of the biggest challenges for a circular world.

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Welcome – 5 min.
Intro of Taival & Sweco– 5 min.
Speaker presentations - 40 min.
Q&A – 20 min.
Group work – 45 min.
Closing – 5 min.

Tomi Sirén

Head of Digital and Technological Innovation

Kati Railevirta

Agilon Product Specialist

Bodo Steiner


Charlotte Aschim

CEO and co-founder

Mia Johansson

Specialist, Sustainable Development

Mika Kierikka

Co-creation Evangelist

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