Unwrapping Circular Packaging webinar

Circular Packaging
Wednesday - 26 May
15.00 - 17.00 (EET)
Up to 40% of the world’s plastic packaging ends up in a landfill.

With the ubiquitous use of packaging, and a global rise of e-commerce, the pressure to create a sustainable and circular package lifecycle is increasing.

In this event, we will hear from professionals in the packaging industry about the latest solutions and approaches to address that problem.

Welcome – 5 min.
Intro of Taival & Sweco– 5 min.
Speaker presentations - 40 min.
Q&A – 20 min.
Group work – 45 min.
Closing – 5 min.

Maria Holopainen

Packaging material division, Business Lead on Circular Economy

Petteri Laurikainen

CEO at Picnic Group

Karri Lehtonen

CFO and process development

Reusable packages as a service - case Kamupak

Richard Ali

Vice President of Public Affairs

Packaging creates value by securing hygiene, food availability and food safety for consumers around the globe.  

Richard Ali will explain Huhtamaki’s approach to delivering this value while simultaneously driving its ambitious sustainability agenda.