Digitally Circular webinar

Wednesday - 9.12.
17.00 - 19.00 (EET)
Trust and transparency are some of the key enablers of circular economy.

However today because of a lack of traceability of the raw materials used in production the recycling of products is nearly impossible or not economically feasible. That hinders opportunities for the circular shift.

Take the European carpet industry where only 1-3% of the end product is recycled due to a lack of transparency and knowledge of the raw materials. Just that amounts to 1.6 million tonnes of carpet waste.

Traceability of materials will provide the transparency needed in the supply chain to create opportunities for economically feasible use of recyclate.

In this #DigitallyCircular, we will hear about solutions for end-to-end material traceability. Register below!

Welcome – 5 min.
Intro of Taival & Sweco– 5 min.
Speaker presentations - 40 min.
Q&A – 20 min.
Group work – 45 min.
Closing – 5 min.

Emilia Koski

Head of Corporate Responsibility

Shahriare Mahmood

Director of Sustainability

Kaisa Vehmas

Senior Scientist

Matti Järveläinen


Tomasz Szuba



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