Taival webinars

Circulytics - how to measure circularity in your company
22.04 at 14.00 (GMT+3) - Helsinki time

Jarkko Havas

Lead of Data and Metrics

Circular Economy is as relevant as ever.

There is a growing pressure from the customers to be sustainable, EU has introduced the Green Deal and Circular Economy targets and other commitments. Right now is a crucial time for your company to take a circular direction too.

But to know how to move forward it is critical to understand the current state first.

That is why we invited Jarkko Havas from Ellen MacArthur Foundation to share about the Circulytics. It is a company-level measuring tool that reveals the extent to which a company has achieved circularity across its entire operations.

We will learn what that tool is, how to use it and why it is relevant for your business today.

Taival's CEO and Executive Partner Michael Hanf will lead the discussion and Q&A with the participants.

Thank you for joining the webinar!
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