Circular design in action webinar

Circular Design in Action
Monday - 18.05.
17.00 - 18.00 EEST
In nature there is no such thing as waste. In nature nothing is wasted: everything is recycled. - David Suzuki

The climate emergency has finally been reaching the headlines: EU Green Deal, Green Recovery... While COVID-19 has changed the headlines, climate change and the shift towards a circular economy are still a hot topic on our agenda.

A key concept that will have a critical role in enabling the transformation towards a circular world is design. The unfortunate truth is that most things today are still designed for the linear world.

As a result, almost everything needs to be redesigned with circular economy principles in mind. We need to rethink everything: products, business models, cities, and the linear systems that have lasted for centuries. How do we do that?

Join us for a webinar that will help to demystify circular economy and circular design by breaking down its key elements and explaining them with real world examples. Lead by circular design experts Max Marwede and Tapani Jokinen.

The recording and output of the webinar are available here.

Welcome - 5 min
Taival Intro - 5 min
Circular Design in Practice
Workshop - 20-30 min
Q&A - 15 min
Closing - 5 min

Dr. Max Marwede

Researcher at Fraunhofer IZM
TU Berlin

The past decade Dr. Max Marwede has been supporting companies in designing sustainable products through the facilitation of innovation workshops, the development of circular design requirements and through technology roadmapping.

Furthermore, he consults German and European public authorities on future circular design regulations. As a researcher he currently develops an easy and practical way to integrate sustainability into the product development process.

Tapani Jokinen

Principal Design Advisor at Taival

Tapani has over 25 years extensive design experience globally. He has unique skills to apply design- and lifecycle- thinking to drive sustainability-led innovation in development of products and services, which answers to the growing global demand for more sustainable products and helping companies in transition from linear to circular economy.

Together with Max they facilitate eco-innovation processes and train engineers and designers how to develop sustainable products.