AI Monday Online

AI and Health + AI Design Sprint
Monday - 25.05.
17.00 - 18.50 EEST
Who wants to live forever?

Humanity has been searching for ways to live longer, feel better and suffer less for ages. With the power of AI on our side, what kind of leaps can we make in our health and medicine?

Find out at AI Monday Online!

What is AI Monday? AI Monday networking event series aims to share knowledge of AI solutions and encourage organisations to start their own data journeys.

Hosted by Taival CTO and Executive Partner - Reko Lehti.

In this edition, we will also have an AI Design Sprint Workshop by 33A AI design firm from Denmark.

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Welcome - 5 min
Taival Intro - 5 min
Presentations - 30 min
Q&A - 20 min
AI Design Sprint - 45 min
Closing - 5 min

Mike Brandt
Jonas Welke

AI Design firm
from Denmark

Paavo Perttula

CEO and Founder

Konstantin Vdovenko

Managing Director
Health&Public Services

Pekka Kola

AI Monday co-organizers