Understand the New Formula for Profit

We exist to optimise sustainable success to all stakeholders.

Understand the new formula for profit.

Change is inevitable.

Multiple market forces are about to introduce the most significant change in business dynamics that we have ever seen. These forces are fundamentally rewriting the rules of business. New formula for profit is needed.

Customers expect a superior value proposition to include a positive contribution to the environmental crisis while retaining all the traditional value elements.

New entrants and cross-industry disruptors will challenge the incumbents via surgical strikes in emerging market opportunities introduced by the changing operating environment.

Monetary shareholder value creation is challenged by other impact measures shifting investor funding towards opportunities delivering also other sustainable impacts.

Strategic business transformation needs the understanding of the new formula for profit
Employees expect employers to provide them with a sense of meaningful purpose and an avenue towards contributing to a broader impact guided by their individual values .
Supply chains provide dualistic pressures with newly introduced scarcity forcing strategic restructuring while tackling the challenge of transparency from social and sustainability perspective.
Political regulators step in to incentivise businesses towards positive contribution to the environmental crisis in areas where the market mechanisms fail to motivate wanted behaviors.

Understand the new formula for profit.

Taival helps future winners (and survivors) execute continuously evolving strategies based on new strategic superpowers. Our vision is to become the most valued partner in strategic transformation for sustainable success.

Why Taival?

We are here to help you understand the new formula for profit.

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We are here to help you understand the new formula for profit. 


Our experts come with decades of experience solving complex problems. They are serious about their work and serious about writing music, climbing El Capitan, and tending to their gardens.

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