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We think the value is best generated in cooperation with the customer. Our experts bring relevant superpower knowledge and are masters at turning customers own knowledge to new innovations and sustainable change.
Clarity, speed, and power to your strategic transformation.
Petri Salo

CEO, Executive Partner

My friends may call me a music producer and my colleagues probably call me a business strategist with 20+ years of consulting experience.

Michael Hanf

Managing Director of Taival Deutschland, Executive Partner

With more than 17 years in business and technology consulting, Michael has deep experience in helping companies deliver and navigate disruptive change. He's passionate about bringing together corporates, start-ups, and senior experts into an open ecosystem to deliver impact and value for Taival's customers.

Reko Lehti

Executive Partner

Reko has a continuous love affair with all things technological. His 15 years in consulting and technology leadership roles have fueled his passion for new business models and enterprise architecture. When not scaling the digital hurdles with Taival customers, he enjoys rock climbing in all of its forms.

Jens Jürgen Fiedler

Partner, Taival Deutschland

Jens has 20+ years of cross-industry track record in advising top management, departments, or entire units from SMEs to Fortune Global 500 corporations. The digital expert is inter-linking (service) design, business plus IT paradigms into sustainable digital innovations, agile strategy designs, and circular transformations.

Jouni Hakanen

Executive Partner

More than 25 years cross-industry experience in strategy and management positions. Specialized in corporate and digital strategy, technology strategy, operational effectiveness, IT and program management. Expertise in digital business innovation and business models, developing disruptive, over-the-top strategies leveraging digital technologies.

Juri Stobbe

Partner, German office lead

Juri comes with almost 20 years cross industry experience in consulting, start-up and corporate management positions. He has specialized in eCommerce Strategy and is a seasoned Program Manager. He gets excited about new technologies and trends to apply them in new ways to drive innovation and new business.

Maija Maanavilja

Senior Circular Economy Strategist

Maija is a sustainability and people enthusiast with a mission to address climate change. Maija has a strong drive to enable the sustainable use of natural resources and keep the materials in use through circularity. 15 years of experience in corporate strategy work, market research, and sustainability work in consulting, forest industry companies, and public sector organizations.

Agnes Nappus
Agnes Nappus

Junior Advisor and Marketing Coordinator

Scuba diver, plant lover, traveller, marketer, sustainability enthusiast, crafter, recycler, family-oriented, and an overall lively person! Currently working at strengthening her skills as a marketing human and developing her skill sets as a junior advisor.

Sari Kola

Senior Advisor

Sari is passionate about building new business and ecosystems - specifically finding the "win-win-win" based on purpose and new business models. Her 20+ years of management and leadership globally help her to understand and to adapt to different organisational cultures and build high-performing teams.

Ann Plough
Ann Plough

Senior Advisor

Ann has 20+ years of experience in senior business development roles at international growth and tech companies in the US, Germany, and Finland. She enjoys discovering connections between seemingly different ideas in ways that drive change and growth. She finds the crossroads between technological disruption and the individual's ability to adapt endlessly inspiring. When not at work, you'll likely find her outdoors somewhere.

Paula Aro

Senior Advisor

Ira Hanf
Ira Hanf

Senior Advisor, Head of Digital Sustainability Services

Ira is passionate about developing sustainable businesses. Her experience relates to business strategy, sustainability, corporate financing and 17+ years of consulting. From this basis, she strives to enhace value of sustainable businesses.

Tapani Jokinen

Principal Design Advisor

Tapani has over 25 years extensive design experience globally. He has unique skills to apply design- and lifecycle- thinking to drive sustainability-led innovation in development of products and services, which answers to the growing global demand for more sustainable products and helping companies in transition from linear to circular economy. Together with Max they facilitate eco-innovation processes and train engineers and designers how to develop sustainable products.

Véronique Kesseler

Junior Advisor

Véro is driven by the optimism to transform businesses into purpose companies while closing the loop. She has a background in communication, business models, circular economy, and innovation management, while still fine-tuning her expertise as a junior advisor. She is a people person with a passion for nature, drawing, and basketball, as well as a heart for houseplants and dogs.

Max Marwede

Senior Advisor

The past decade Dr. Max Marwede has been supporting companies in designing sustainable products through the facilitation of innovation workshops, the development of circular design requirements and through technology roadmapping. Furthermore, he consults German and European public authorities on future circular design regulations. As a researcher he currently develops an easy and practical way to integrate sustainability into the product development process.

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