Taival is growing… Why should you care?

Michael Hanf

Managing Director of Taival Germany, Executive Partner

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If you follow our social media accounts you likely have seen that we did enter a strategic partnership with Reaktor and brought on board new people to support our future growth. In this context I wanted to share some thoughts with you, our customers and partners on how we see this growth will benefit you, as we are committed to do whatever it takes to help our customers achieve sustainable success.

In general, when an advisory company grows, there is no immediate impact on the customers and partners. It basically means that the company has been successful in securing more projects and therefore brings more people on board. So, why should you as our customer or partner care about the fact that Taival is growing? What will this mean for you?

Our growth plans are value centric, and I am sure you’ve heard that before, let me explain. In our growth plans we ask ourselves some basic questions:

  • Does it enhance our core capabilities to provide better services to our clients?
  • Does it enable us to help more clients to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world?
  • Does it put us in a position to develop new services or capabilities that can address client questions / challenges?
  • Does the new addition to the team provide new / expanded perspectives and expertise?
  • Is the new addition to the team “fun to work with” and cares deeply about serving our customers?

With these questions in mind, our pursuit for growth is not about adding “random” persons to the team to increase capacity and with that the number of projects but it is about the purpose of Taival of “helping our clients succeed in a world of uncertainty”, one project at a time.

Growing with this in mind is not easy for us and it might slow down our growth short-term, as we spend a lot of time on finding the right people and partner to join our journey. At the same time, we believe it is the only way to ensure we deliver our services with the high quality, integrity, and expertise that we have set as our standard.

Growth for us is not an objective in itself but is rather a way to continuously add puzzle-pieces to our Taival family that help us serve our customers better and help them succeed in a world of uncertainty.