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Wrapping up the year 2022

As last year, also this year we have experienced major disruptions to the market environment. Michael, Reko, and Petri reflect on the year 2022 and give insights and learnings on the projects we've done. The episode is finished with predictions for the next year, 2023.


The State of Media

Taival CEO Petri Salo and Communications Strategy Director Stephen Lee from San Francisco have a discussion about the state of media in today's world.


Make It Bankable

In this episode, Petri Salo and Antti Vihavainen have a discussion on how to market-enable the planetary cost of CO2 emissions.


From strategy to building digital capabilities

How do you build digital capabilities at the backend of your strategy and how to define that strategy in the first place? In this Reinventing Strategy episode, we have a guest speaker from a corporate venture building agency Coventures, Marko Oksanen, sharing his experiences and expertise on the topic.


Trends that shape 2021 – RECAP

In the first episode of #ReinventingStrategy this season, Reko and Petri have come together to explore the year 2021 in a little more detail based on what they had predicted a year earlier. Tune in to hear if they were right in their predictions!


How do ecosystems evolve? – BrainLit x Taival

For this Reinventing Strategy episode, we have invited experts Sari Kola and Tord Wingren to have a chat on ecosystems. Specifically, we will explore how do ecosystems evolve from being basic innovation ecosystems to actual business ecosystems that generate revenue.