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What’s a CCO anyway? – Making the case for a Chief Circularity Officer

The change necessary to address the changing operating environment and market demands requires a fundamental shift in the way companies operate and do business. Companies will need to take the topics of environmental sustainability and circularity to the Board room and provide the required mandate and financial frame to drive real, fundamental change. This is only possible with a seat at the table for someone who is enabled to make the change happen.


European Data act: Data business made easy (and profitable)?

There is a new act in town, as the EU has formally published a proposal for a second major data regulation called “Data Act”, which targets the industrial, non-personal data of companies. Unlike GDPR, this legislation is not prohibitive, but rather aims to provide open and fair access to data for both public and private sector companies.


The future of food is up to us 

The food industry is under more pressure than ever. Where there are challenges, there are also opportunities, and the good news is that change is happening.


A Business Playbook for Sustainable Success


Doing well by doing good – Those who adapt the fastest, will win

There are multiple simultaneous market forces that trigger the need for a continuous strategic transformation for all companies as a result of the environmental and social crises. Companies that fail to adapt their strategies will risk their business becoming redundant in a very short period of time. Just think about industries like energy, mobility, food, etc.


Ilmastotyön haasteet ja ratkaisut Suomen kunnissa ja kaupungeissa

Taival keskusteli syksyllä 2021 yli 70 kunta- kaupunkivaikuttajan kanssa kestävyyden ja kiertotalouden edistämisestä. Missionamme oli identifioida kestävän kehityksen edistämistyötä edistävät ja estävät syyt ja lähteä piirtämään siitä karttaa, jolla ratkaisuja löydettäisiin käytännön työhön valtakunnallisesti.