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The circular paradigm shift – the need for systemic change to enable a circular society

For the world to move towards a circular economy and for companies to switch to a circular business and operating model, we need to make sure the required systemic changes are addressed and the different actors in the ecosystem are working towards the same goal.


What’s a CCO anyway? – Making the case for a Chief Circularity Officer

The change necessary to address the changing operating environment and market demands requires a fundamental shift in the way companies operate and do business. Companies will need to take the topics of environmental sustainability and circularity to the Board room and provide the required mandate and financial frame to drive real, fundamental change. This is only possible with a seat at the table for someone who is enabled to make the change happen.


Demystifying Circularity – Introducing the Circular Company

While the cry for a sustainable circular economy is getting louder, many struggle with understanding what this paradigm shift means for them. Based on many discussions with professionals and learnings from the Circular Economy Assessment, Michael will try to capture some of the key findings from these activities to demystify circularity.


The transformation path to a circular economy – Gaps, opportunities, and the current maturity level

Companies need support and guidance to incorporate circularity into every aspect of their operations. The Circular Economy Rating (CE Rating), developed in cooperation between WWF Germany and Taival Advisory is a holistic tool that gives the company a clear picture of where they currently are in their CE journey, what their circular maturity is, and provides recommended steps for improving.


The future of food is up to us 

The food industry is under more pressure than ever. Where there are challenges, there are also opportunities, and the good news is that change is happening.


Panel discussion: “Circular Economy vs. Sustainability – Are all circular economy approaches sustainable per se?”

Taival hosted a panel during the Circular Futures Festival on the relation between circularity and sustainability impacts. We gathered the key findings of the discussion with Justus, Max, and Marina.