Sustainable Smart Cities event output

Agnes Nappus
Junior Advisor and Marketing Assistant
February 5, 2021

“If you really want to make a change, you need to start there where you are, instead of trying to solve all global problems.” – Dina Padalkina - Circular Berlin- at Sustainable Smart Cities event.
Here are a few 🔑 takeaways from the evening.
📈The biggest #trends that affect #smartcities are urbanization, the rising value of data, and the need for a culture of preparedness.
Max Stucki from Futures Platform.
🏡Previously the construction industry served individual needs, but the shift is moving towards maximizing human wellbeing within planetary needs = customer-centric #sustainability.
Nohman Awan from Balfour Beatty plc.

♻An ecosystem works when it brings value to each of its participants. It requires education, awareness, and clearly set policies between the stakeholders.
Reko Lehti from Taival.

🚌Open traffic data enables smart cities in multiple ways:
- Increase in public transportation
- Better user experience through seamless services
- Automatization based on real-time data
Janne Lautanala – Fintraffic.
📉Cities can achieve carbon removal through many innovations, such as:
- Biochar
- Bio-asphalt
- Waste-to-CCS
Marianne Tikkanen from CO2 Removal Marketplace.

Big thanks to all of the speakers and participants!

Find the speaker presentation here.



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