Sustainability for SME's

Valeriy Neznakhin
Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager
June 24, 2020

Sustainability and Circular Economy are hot topics: businesses are aiming to be more sustainable, the EU approves plans like the Green Deal and creates a circular economy strategy. At Taival we believe Circular Economy is a game-changer that will significantly impact the world.

But for small and medium sized companies these concepts might be new, abstract and sometimes confusing. To get an understanding of what sustainability and circular economy really mean and how they can be used in your business to minimize risks and create new opportunities we organised this webinar together with AHK Finland.

AHK Finland promotes German-Finnish economic relations and advises companies on doing business between these countries. Taival operates in both Finland and Germany and is a member and an active participant of AHK Finland community.

Webinar recording:

Also check out our article about how you can make circularity relevant for your business.


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