The Strategic Dimension of Circularity Whitepaper

Ira Hanf
Senior Advisor, Head of Digital Sustainability Services
May 26, 2020

The shift towards a circular and more sustainable world will be a major strategic game changer that companies need to address and that will shake many to their core.

Circular economy and the sustainable development goals are today on the agenda of most companies across industries and geographies. At the same time, many companies are struggling to understand what they mean for their business and how to address the changing demand.

While the transformation towards a circular and more sustainable world will require companies to change both their operations as well as their products, services, and business model fundamentally, very often activities are limited to the operational, short term level.

To achieve the level of change we need to accomplish it will be critical to acknowledge and address the strategic dimension circularity presents and to holistically understand and address the change needed across and beyond the organization.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • To read circular economy and sustainability signals
  • What the circular change means for your business
  • A process to kick-start your circular journey

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