So what is the state of AI in times of COVID-19?

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

Tag : events; data-enabled-business

AI is making it back to the headlines along with news about COVID-19. But the headlines tell very different stories. Some are full of hope and expectations of AI as a tool to make progress in the crisis. While others point out human rights and privacy abuse.

What is going on with AI in the current tough times?

We have invited experts in AI research, ethics and health areas to talk about the state of AI in the current time:

Meeri Haataja – CEO, co-founder Saidot.ai / Affiliate at Berkman Klein Center of Harvard

Tim Dahmen – Senior Consultant / Coordinator for COVID-19 activities at DFKI

Simo Särkkä – Coordinator of AI for Health at FCAI /Professor at Aalto University

We have discussed:

  • How is AI portrayed in the news at this time?
  • What are the research centers utilising AI for right now?
  • How startups and emerging solutions can contribute?
  • Is it too late to implement newly made solutions?
  • And how we can prepare for the future?

Check out speaker introductions and slide deck here:

We are running more webinars on the topic of AI and Digital in Circular Economy:

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13.5. – Digitally Circular webinar

25.5. – AI Monday Helsinki