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Create new opportunities by Agile Strategy

To navigate in new terrain you need an accurate map and the ability to visualize yourself into the landscape in order to predict threats, variables and favorable shortcuts.

In Agile Strategy critical scenarios are predicted and modeled to avoid mishaps, but also new competitive advantages like data value realization, digitalization or circular economy are uncovered.

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Agile Strategy Development

Strategy process non-existent or run in “old fashioned” way not considering fast moving outside world. Traditional strategy process does not support the broader need for change.

Agile strategy constantly identifies and captures the emerging opportunities made possible by the development of technologies, data and environmental innovations.

We help you create a way to make your strategy dynamic. To constantly identify the key trends that you need to incorporate into your business or run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Business Model Innovation / Design

Competition is embracing emerging tech trends and disrupting the market with new and innovative business models.

You do not want to stay still and opt to only react to these trends. You should rather actively nurture an innovation culture to constantly challenge your own business model and test new alternative ones. This will be key in identifying new revenue streams in the post-digital era.

We help you understand how the emerging trends will impact the way your value proposition may be disrupted. By actively innovating your own business model you stay ahead of the competition.

Agile Business Tech Vision

IT vision and strategy are seldom directly derived from business strategy.

It is when business vision merges with technology vision that truly innovative tech-enabled new business innovations emerge.

We will help you position IT and technology as a key enabler for your overall business strategy.

Your Taival Disrupt sherpa:

Michael Hanf
Executive partner

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Dynamic Strategy in times of Uncertainty

What if the speed of change accelerates to the point where uncertainty is the new normal? How do you make sure your strategy is not stuck in the past but rather considers the opportunities, challenges and threats of the future? How are you ready for a black swan like the corona crisis, or are you ever?

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Business model innovations you’ve never heard of

Rethinking the business model has been a trend for a few years. Everyone has read about the success and spread of over-the-top business models such as Uber and AirBnB. Their very successful business models have already been copied across various fields. Did you know there is an Uber for e.g. dog walking (www.worthee.com). Tinder and Snapchat type of services are also spreading like wildfire. This means you now can “swipe-right” for jobs (Jobr), networking (CoffeeMe) or even dresses (Seamso).

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