Imagine the conquest.
re-trace the landscape.


step one: discover

Identify the possibilities in Rapid Discovery.

Success in the new normal is all about transformation: unlearning the traditional, and uncovering new possibilities.

Rapid Discovery helps you to understand the world as it stands today and the treasures it has to offer. By matching your business goals with the possibilities of the post-digital era, you’ll be ready to begin epic adventures and reach new heights.

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Rapid Digital Exploration

Digitalization has fundamentally changed the way many industries and businesses create value. Suddenly, the learnings we all learned in school are not valid anymore.

In the post-digital era everyone has to constantly challenge themselves to ensure they are fully leveraging the new and innovative ways the digitalization has enabled in our value creation process.

We help you identify the most potential enablers for your business and jointly explore the business potential available to you

Digital Awareness Acceleration

Even if your business has identified and even quantified the business potential available to you through the adoption of digital enablers it may be so that only a handful of digital enthusiasts share the view on the potential benefits.

In order to scale the awareness and adoption you need a systematic effort to increase the level of awareness your teams have on the potential of digital.

Building the awareness and knowledge of your team is critical for driving sustainable change. We will help you in accelerating the understanding of your team to deliver tangible outcomes.

Digital Process Analysis

Most companies manage their process performance based on predefined KPIs. This approach relies on the assumption that the sample resolution for the KPIs is sufficient for recognizing opportunities for optimizing performance.

In reality, however, the picture captured by these KPIs is often of poor resolution leaving blind spots on significant share of actionable process improvement activities. An alternative approach is to allow real-life transaction level data paint you a picture of what really goes on in your processes. This will uncover a fact-based and high-resolution truth about your process performance.

We use real-life data to draw a fact-based picture of how a specific process area is performing and how it could be improved.

Your Taival Discovery sherpa:

Reko Lehti
CTO, Senior Advisor

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