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Even the best plan remains a dream without execution.

Our job is to make sure you are ready to go – focused, equipped, motivated.

In the post-digital era times it’s not only the brilliant business model or strategy that sets you apart. It’s the Next-generation Operating Model that makes your winning strategy a reality.

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Agile Strategy Execution & Transformation

There is a clear lack of influential change leaders that can drive the business vision in concrete transformation projects. It takes focus and alignment to ensure that we are executing the right things.

It also takes vision and leaderships to be able to articulate a desired direction for the rest of the organization. Finally you need the rigor of an execution team to relentlessly drive initiatives through to benefit realization.

Agile strategy will not be agile without the ability to execute and transform. We will help you to define the way to rapidly execute on your dynamically changing strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Operating Model Design

Even the sharpest strategy with the most elegant architecture will fail if you have not defined and implemented a clear operating model that provides a framework for running your operations.

Weill jointly set the guiding principles, framework and key building blocks to run your operations as guided by your strategy and maximize your operational efficiency.

Ecosystem Design

Traditionally every organization has been focusing on solving problems that are within the scope of their own capabilities. Customers problems, however, do not respect the boundaries of your own product portfolio.

Growing complexity of value chains, scarcity of talent and resources and increased focus on core competences has given rise to ecosystem thinking.

As the ecosystem becomes an integral part of your company’s success, we will work with you to establish an ecosystem operating model and actionable roadmap.

Business Architecture

Your strategy outlines the differentiated way you create value for your customers. From an operational point of view it is not a “one-size-fits-all” game. Different strategies require different operational designs.

Building a strong foundation for your business is critical. We will work with your business and IT teams to develop a business architecture that supports your strategic goals with the right business capabilities and technology.

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Reko Lehti
CTO, Senior Advisor
Michael Hanf
Executive partner

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Strategy 365

Old models can not keep up with the pace of change and the level of uncertainty which is why we need to rethink the way we do strategy, renewing it from an annual process towards a continuous practice of scanning key parameters in- and outside the company to enable the corporate leadership and board to adjust in line with the overall strategic charter set for the company.

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Dynamic Strategy in times of Uncertainty

What if the speed of change accelerates to the point where uncertainty is the new normal? How do you make sure your strategy is not stuck in the past but rather considers the opportunities, challenges and threats of the future? How are you ready for a black swan like the corona crisis, or are you ever?

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Business model innovations you’ve never heard of

Rethinking the business model has been a trend for a few years. Everyone has read about the success and spread of over-the-top business models such as Uber and AirBnB. Their very successful business models have already been copied across various fields. Did you know there is an Uber for e.g. dog walking ( Tinder and Snapchat type of services are also spreading like wildfire. This means you now can “swipe-right” for jobs (Jobr), networking (CoffeeMe) or even dresses (Seamso).

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