Reaktor partners with Taival to bridge the gap between strategy and operations to drive continuous change

Valeriy Neznakhin

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The cooperation positions the companies to challenge how traditional business consultancies approach and deliver strategy

Helsinki, Finland (January 26th, 2021) Helsinki-based strategy advisory company Taival has today announced its partnership with strategy, design, and technology consultancy Reaktor in order to help organizations continuously drive and implement strategic and technological developments that prepare them for tomorrow’s ever-changing world.

As a part of the partnership, Taival has raised €300k in seed funding with Reaktor as the lead investor, which will enable the company to continue expanding its core capabilities, hire more expert talent, and scale its ecosystem.

Most strategies fail because the strategy development and execution aren’t connected. StratOps is a reinvention of the strategy space inspired by an agile DevOps approach. In this model, the strategy is continuously developed, executed, and realigned according to changes in the operating environment.

“Today’s strategic problems come with the realization that we live in an unpredictable world. We see companies needing not only the most advanced technology but a cooperative, strategic view that helps them make better technology decisions,” says Heikki Härkönen, Director of Ecosystem Development at Reaktor.

The rate of change has increased to the point where companies are afraid of being left behind. They are unable to react to the demands of the market, supply chain disruptions, or changing customer needs, forgoing potential revenue and profitability.

“We believe that StratOps is one piece of the puzzle to help companies actively adapt and grow in these changing times. Reaktor has been a pioneer in agile ways of working and we bring that same approach to strategy work. We are excited about the partnership with Taival as the team fosters a similar mindset and has solid experience in agile strategy,” Härkönen continues.

“The Reaktor ecosystem is the perfect place for us to work with fast-moving companies that have recognized that doing strategy every 2 or 3 years no longer works,” says Michael Hanf, Executive Partner & CEO at Taival. “When companies choose Reaktor as their technology and business partner, they recognize that they need to handle not only direct competition but political, and environmental change, for example. We believe together we are a perfect match for companies that would like to become and stay leaders in their industry,” he concludes.

Founded in 2017, Taival has offices in Helsinki and Berlin and has advised companies such as Zalando, Technopolis, and Valmet.

Founded in 2000, Reaktor is a creative technology partner for forward-thinking organizations and societies. Reaktor’s global group of 550+ industry-leading experts works with clients such as Adidas, Kone, Supercell, Varian, and Finnair.

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