Olga joins the Taival team

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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What’s most important to know about you?

– I am an ambitious and energetic international business professional. I have worked in big corporates like Konecranes and ABB, as well as in a fast-paced startup environment like Rovio Entertainment. I love learning and solving a new challenge every day.

What are you passionate about?

– I am passionate about technology: I believe it is essential for any company out there, both traditional and modern.
Startup ecosystem and the startup mindset of learning and doing fast.

Outside work I have a passion for music. I sing in a rock band, but also played guitar, drums and piano. Actually, managing a band is a lot like consulting: you have to know a little bit of every instrument, see the bigger picture and have a vision where you want to see your band in the future.

What is your role at Taival?

– My role is to build our clients’ strategy, find new opportunities and support them to see their business from a new angle. I am very excited to use my startup experience and help bigger companies realize their hidden potential.

First impressions at Taival?

– It has been very nice! People are open and friendly, there isn’t a strict hierarchy and discussions feel very open. I like the flexibility to work wherever I want. And although it is very relaxed, it also feels quite organized.