Kalle Paajanen joins the Taival team!

Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

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What’s most important to know about you professionally?

– My background is in B2B and professional services and leveraging technology or digitalization for developing and transforming business. I think it is important to make a measurable impact and not do development just for the sake of development. After all, it is the change journey and adaptation which brings the impact and value out of the development.

Sometimes we get into tough situations, I believe that the working culture with trust and openness, and having fun while working together is crucial. It is the team together which makes the success, no one alone.

Of course, the work itself should be interesting, enjoyable and give possibilities to learn new things. For example, in my current strategy development engagement, I have had a pleasure to deep dive into the world of sustainability and circular economy.

What are you passionate about?

– I am very interested in the themes of growth and transforming business while making concrete impact, I am very keen on the last miles to make it happen and see final outcomes.

Work-life balance is also very important – there is life outside of work! I believe you should take care of your health, surroundings and family in order to do good work. I have a passion for the hobbies I do, I’ve been playing tennis since I was a kid, competing there gives the purpose for practising and preparing. Furthermore, skiing in the mountains gives moments of amazing feelings, even if they come in very small chunks it is enough to feel passionate about it. I never feel tired when I need to get up early to go to the mountains or tennis court!

What are your work-life balance rules?

I am a father of 2 daughters and I love spending time with my family, so this is important to me.

  1. No working in the evening – do something refreshing instead
  2. Have a good sleep
  3. Have hobbies that you enjoy to recover and give you energy, take your thoughts to somewhere completely different.
  4. Find your own formula!

What is your role at Taival?

– Senior Advisor. I am focusing on leveraging technology and digitalization to transform and develop new potential business.

First impressions at Taival?

– It’s a dynamic and fun team to work with! There is this “let’s just do it” spirit and that’s really rewarding.

An idea you would like to share?

– Have the courage to take good ideas forward, believe in them and push them through, experiment and scale!

Thank you, Kalle!

We are very excited to have him on board and we have more Taival team members joining us. If you’ve missed our previous introduction – go ahead and take a look.