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Data enabled business

We’ll help you create new business value by using data strategically.

Data is not magical, but data utilization is what makes the magic happen.

Data enabled business is strategic excellence. It’s operational efficiency. It’s a new kind of profit and a new kind of power. And most of all, it’s the new best friend we’ll introduce to you with pleasure.

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Data Strategy

Data is becoming a central value creation engine in most industries in the post-digital era. It will have far reaching impact on new business models, alternative growth strategies, increased productivity and improved customer experience.

At the same time, succeeding with data-driven strategies requires unlearning past restrictions and re-imagining your business with a data-driven mindset.

Any company will be able to identify significant value creation potential just by having a long & hard look at their data.

Our data strategy offering will help you systematically uncover and quantify these opportunities and make you a data-driven company.

Data Monetization

Once you have a clear understanding of the overall value creation potential data has within your business model it is time to move forward with your monetization design.

With data monetization we refer to the logic, value propositions, product & service designs etc that turn your data into money. The value does not have to be transactional but it can manifest itself in other valuable aspects such as preferable business terms & conditions, improved customer experience, improved conversion rate, reduced risks, etc.

As an asset, data has some unique characteristics. In order to learn to optimally use these unique features you need to apply slightly different models compared to traditional assets.  We help you learn to monetize your data assets in your specific business context.

Data Ecosystems

In most cases you will struggle to monetize your data within the boundaries of your own business organization.

Sometimes your data becomes more valuable in the presence of data from other parties. Therefore it is natural that many data monetization opportunities are available in a broader ecosystem setup. Data is, in fact, one of the most effective value drivers in successful ecosystems.

In order for the data to become an industrial value-creation engine you need to have a platform in place to manage it. Data value creation can often be further boosted by leveraging it across a broader ecosystem.

Data Governance

For data to have the potential to create maximum value it must be current and of good quality. Therefore the more your business strategy relies on data monetization the more you need to focus on your capabilities around data governance and management.

If your data monetization relies on a broader ecosystem you need to make sure that the same standards for data quality are understood and applied by ecosystem partners as well. In addition to a data platform, you need a clear set of rules, processes, procedures and standards to keep your data integrity at a level required by a data-driven strategy.

We can help you set up and implement the required governance and management practices.

Your Taival Data Enabled Business sherpa:

Reko Lehti
CTO, Senior Advisor
Juri Stobbe
Managing Partner, Taival Germany


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