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Circular Economy

Want to grow out of the box?

Circular economy means new possibilities in every business.

Responsibility works like karma. The more you invest, the more it gives back. Every business impacts the world it’s surrounded by on a social, environmental and economic level. Many don’t know how to utilize this impact for their own and common good.

Our Circular Economy Services help you identify the opportunities that can positively affect both, your business and the world.

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Rapid Circular Exploration

As we see significant changes in consumer behavior as well as the regulatory landscape, business across industries need to adjust. But shifting from a linear model towards a circular one is not trivial and it requires a good understanding of circular opportunities across the value chain and beyond.

As part of the Rapid Circular Exploration we will look at your value chain through the eyes of a customer, employee and/or ecosystem partner to identify key opportunities to incorporate circularity into your every day operations utilizing digital technology where applicable to drive new revenue, deliver efficiency gains and to positively impact your companies foot- and hand-print.

Circular Operating Model & Impact Analysis

Succeeding with your circular strategy requires an ability to execute your plan in a seamless fashion.

A key cornerstone for building a successful circular business is to define and implement an operating model that enables circularity as it requires a different approach from traditional, linear operations. As a result you have to design and operate a holistic model including your internal capabilities, processes, organizational structures, technologies, data models and KPI.

Together we will explore and define the changes to your operating model and measurement system required to shift from a linear to a circular operating model to enable a successful journey to circularity.​

Circular Economy Business Models & Strategy

Competition is embracing emerging circular economy and disrupting the market with new and innovative business models.

Customer trends are also raising circular aspects as a key preference. You do not want to stay still and opt to only react to these trends. You should rather actively nurture an innovation culture to constantly challenge your own business model and test new alternative ones. This will be key in identifying new revenue streams in the post-linear economy era.

As circular economy will require major changes in the business model and strategy, we help you in understanding the strategic impact and in identifying, experimenting, designing and implementing circular business model.

Data-Enabled Circular Ecosystems

Moving to a circular business and operating model requires companies to think beyond their core organization. Circularity requires an active ecosystem to work.

While this sounds easy, it often is very difficult to build and operate a well running ecosystem that is underpinned by open data-sharing.

We will work closely with you and your ecosystem partner to define a mode of operation that creates a win-win and supports new, circular operations.

Your Taival Circular Economy sherpas:

Ira Hanf
Senior Advisor, Head of Digital Sustainability Services
Michael Hanf
Executive partner


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