Execute Strategy for Sustainable Success

We provide you with a practical approach to help execute your strategic choices and optimise returns to all stakeholders.

Understand the change

Identify the phenomena with the power of reshaping your business environment. Evaluate the ones requiring your action to stay competitive.

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Create sustainable value

Positive contribution to people & planet is becoming a prerequisite for profit. Identify and execute these new value creation opportunities systematically.

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Target & measure impact

Sustainable success may monetise itself differently from your traditional value proposition. To help focus on right long-term goals, identify, and measure the targeted impact.

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Learn and adjust

As the value opportunities for sustainable success are still emerging, it is crucial that you model alternative scenarios, explore, and continuously adjust based on the learnings from the field.

Adaption is not optional


“The biggest obstacle to any transformation is literally just the way we’ve always done things,” says Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton. Infusing a higher purpose into the company called for pushing decision making out from the center to every business unit, so that managers and rank-and-file employees feel they have a stake in future success.

Source: Harvard Business Review


Ecolab’s transformation began by talking to customers. “We broadened our vision and our purpose changed,” CEO Douglas Baker says. “As our teams widened their awareness of global issues, our pride has been enhanced.” And so has Ecolab’s market value.

Source: Harvard Business Review

The change will be so significant that currently the most successful business strategies will become obsolete.

We provide you with a practical approach to help execute strategy for sustainable success.

A practical approach:
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Taival will provide a future radar of your relevant phenomena. We facilitate a collaborative evaluation process to identify the issues requiring strategic action.

We will help you model your most likely scenarios with clear articulation of their value creation potential as a basis for your strategic choices. Taival will provide a continuous process and capabilities for making and executing your strategic choices required to succeed with your targeted growth opportunities.

Sustainable success for all stakeholders

Identify impact​

Execute new strategic choices 2

Develop scenarios​

Execute new strategic choices.

Execute strategic choices​

Execute new strategic choices 3


We guide your transformation journey all the way. We help you identify, plan, and execute initiatives that drive real business value, always in an agile and co-creative way and by utilising a strong ecosystem of partners to provide leading expertise.



Taival will provide you with a future radar to help scan the most relevant phenomena and facilitate a collaborative evaluation process on their impact on your business. This will help you to identify those phenomena requiring you to act in order to capture these emerging growth opportunities. 


Taival will help model your most likely scenarios across three future horizons: NOW, NEXT & BEYOND. These scenarios are to be used as a basis for your strategic choices. 

Taival will help you model how value will be redistributed between the different players across the future horizons as a basis for your “Where to play?” and “How to win? choices. 

Taival will help you model the addressable growth scenarios with clear articulation of their addressable value creation potential. 



Taival will provide the continuous process and capabilitiesfor making and executing your strategic choices that are required in order to succeed with your targeted growth opportunities. 

Transformation Strategy-as-a-service technology partners

With the help of our technology partners we help you understand your industry trends, map out future scenarios, and execute strategic choices.


Transformation is enabled by new strategic superpowers:

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Make better business – build a better world. Renew your business to meet the demands of sustainability.

Ecosystem Ökosystem

Systemic change that shakes us requires the power of ecosystems.

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Data-driven business

Use data to discover and capture new value creation opportunities.


Some of our clients

Why Taival?

As a strategy partner, we are
valued by our clients

“I sincerely respect your way of consulting and every time I talk to one of you, I get a new idea for myself. It is valuable in this industry.”

Karoliina Tuukkanen – Project manager, Verte

“The method was functional and invigorating. The sprint-like work allowed for fine-tuning during the process. In addition, the model would have made it possible to suspend the project if we did not think it was rolling.”

Yrjö Nikkanen – Chairman of the board, Palpa

“While Taival may not be a household name in strategy consulting yet, they exceeded the highest expectations we’ve been setting for them throughout our 2018 strategy process.”

Karri Hautanen – Marketing Director & Coordinator of the 2018 Strategy Process, Technopolis

Start now

Don’t wait until the situation is perfect or in crisis. Future leaders are brave enough to embark on the journey to transformation already today. Learning is part of the journey and we will help you acquire the skills on the way. With the right guide, you will: 

  • avoid losing in the game. By making familiar, preferential, ad hoc, short-sighted, or slow navigational decisions your organisation risks being outsmarted.
  • avoid being left alone. The significant things in the future can only be achieved together. Your organisation is worthy of the right team and partners that rally together with you.
  • avoid picking the wrong battle. Change is constant and unpredictable, but observation and foresight allow your organisation to focus its resources and navigateways to benefit from the surrounding business conditions.


Our experts come with decades of experience solving complex problems. They are serious about their work and serious about writing music, climbing El Capitan, and tending to their gardens.

They are here to learn, create,
and walk the walk with you.

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Taival is a new type of advisory company with the purpose of helping organisations achieve sustainable success. We help you execute strategy for sustainable success.