Digitally Circular webinar

Digitally Circular
Valeriy Neznakhin

Junior Advisor and Marketing Manager

Feeding 7.5 billion hungry mouths is a challenge. How about 8? or 10? or 20? With the ongoing trend in population growth, we’ll need to pay attention to what is on our own plate and also look into our neighbour’s plate too. But 30% of the food produced globally goes to waste. With the challenge growing more urgent every day, can we really afford to keep it that way?

At #DigitallyCircular we look for ways how to address circular challenges with digital means. On our last webinar we tackled the topic of urban food and value chains.

We heard from an exceptional line-up of speakers:

  • Mia Johansson from Espoon Kaupunki
  • Markus Logren from L&T
  • Juhani Järvensivu from Fiksuruoka
  • Niko Kivioja from Netled


A workshop about Urban Food Value Chain by Saara Suurla from Sweco.

Webinar recording:

Workshop output:

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