Systemic change that shakes us, calls for the power of ecosystems.

Engage organisations with purpose

Collaboration is not only rational, but also emotional. Purpose helps engage and align organisations and people behind common goals and supports it with clearly defined objectives related to profit, people, and planet.

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Harness the joint power of partner organisations

Successful and sustainable execution relies on ecosystem journey and leadership model. It aligns partners and keeps them energised.

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Capture value from innovation​

Ecosystems innovate, co-create, and collaborate – and by doing that they create value. Value capture – measured in € requires an operational model backed up with clear understanding of how data is used along the way. 

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Enable sustainable success by collaboration
-> Through common language.

Understanding the difference between networks, ecosystems, and platforms helps any organisation to get started with their ecosystem game.  

Sustainable success is based on strong ecosystems.
Ecosystems are about collaboration between people and organisations.

Ecosystems are increasingly important drivers of growth, profitability, and resilience in today’s rapidly changing business environment. That’s why answering the “why, what, and how to ecosystem” as part of the strategy process is essential for sustainable success.

Ecosystems walk the talk from strategy to operations.

With out unique approach, we help you:​

  1. Understand the context by strategic framing
  2. Achieve results based on clearly defined purpose and objectives
  3. Engage and energise people by collaborative leadership
  4. Identify the key levers for creating and capturing value
  5. Bring the ecosystem live through organisational structure and operating model

Ecosystem strategy is mandatory for sustainable success.
Do you have the right tools?


“Ecosystems will account for 30 % of global revenues in 2025”

Partnering in new age of ecosystems will be critical for those who aspire to become the out-performers of the next decade and beyond”

Source: McKinsey & Company Insurance beyond digital: ​The rise of ecosystems and platforms


“Traditional strategy frameworks are of little help when designing or participating in an ecosystem”

Source: Michael Jacobides, Harvard Business Review, September-October 2019

Taival ecosystem journey

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The Taival ecosystem journey maps the path from purpose to impact. It introduces a set of tools for understanding the fundamentals of value creation, identification and mapping value drivers and value architecture. The Taival methodology ensures execution by transforming ecosystem strategy into an operating model. We help you create a proven business case that ensures value capture for the ecosystem and all its partners.


We guide your ecosystem journey all the way.



Start development of your ecosystem capabilities by understanding the starting point and target state of your collaboration strategy and operating model.

Define key terms to efficiently manage and lead collaboration in its various forms: Ecosystems, networks, and platforms.


Establish foundation for your ecosystem capabilities by defining a clear purpose and related objectives (profit, people, planet).

Ensure execution by clearly formulated roadmap that help engage partners and align actions towards achieving the jointly set objectives.



Transform strategy into operations by a clearly defined business model and and operating model aligned with it.

Develop the organisational blueprint and capabilities for managing and leading the ecosystem.

Sustainable success is based on strong ecosystems. Read more about it in Ecosystem handbook and get familiar with the unique toolset we use to support your ecosystem journey.  


These companies have already trusted us

Why Taival?

As an ecosystem development partner, we are
valued by our clients

  • We walk the talk and collaborate with our customers in a true ecosystem way
  • Proven and evolving methodology – best practices meet latest research
  • Your ecosystem companion from purpose to impact

“The Taival team quickly caught on to what we wanted to develop. Through the cooperation, the basic concept developed into a clear plan and structure for the next steps.”

Henri Laine– Urban Food expert & project manager CircularHoodFood,
Vantaan kaupunki

“Work done gave us clear steps for realization and a good understanding of how challenging our goals can be. The project management was firm and guided us well. It was fun to work with relaxed and friendly consultants who understood us so well.”

Ritva Kuusisto – Project manager, Oulu Housing Fare 2025

“The work produced by Taival is very useful to us, and the next task is to bring the other parties in the ecosystem to the same level.”

Jaana Pelkonen – Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation

Start now

Don’t wait until the situation is perfect or in crisis. Future leaders are brave enough to embark on the journey to transformation already today. Learning is part of the journey; we will help you acquire the skills on the way. With the right guide, you will  avoid: 

  • Left behind – in today’s fast moving world, ecosystems are a powerful way to keep up and outperform rivals
  • Left alone in the time of crisis – collaboration is a powerful way to boost resilience and find alternative 
  • Limited access to talent – in today’s world one needs to accept that the best talent might not work for your organisation – being part of an ecosystem can help you find the right partners


Get an introduction to:

  • The Ecosystem Handbook
  • Valuable tools

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