Data-driven Business

Use data to discover and capture new value creation opportunities.

New value creation opportunities​

Data is the superpower for enabling new value creation opportunities within circular economy and ecosystems.

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Business model innovation

Data can open innovative avenues towards new types of business models.

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Operational efficiency

Data can provide a step-change booster to your operational efficiency.

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Gain power through data sharing​

Solve bigger and more valuable problems by re-engineering your value-network and data sharing across ecosystems.​

Data is a key enabler for reshaping your value flow.

It helps you harness the power of circular economy and ecosystems.

Data-driven transformation helps you capture new value creation opportunities with data

Taival can provide you with a practical checklist to help identify tangible value creation opportunities within your own business context.

Data-driven business transformation framework helps weave together the three essential cornerstones of data-driven business transformation:

  • the overall data-driven business model,
  • the specific value model within your business context,
  • and the operating model for translating the design into reality.
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In the 2021 survey, Fortune 1000 companies reported struggling to make progress — and in many cases even losing ground — on managing data as a business asset, forging a data culture, competing on data and analytics, and using data to drive innovation. Only 29.2% report achieving transformational business outcomes, and just 30% report having developed a well-articulated data strategy. 

Perhaps most tellingly, just 24% of respondents said that they thought their organization was data-driven this past year, a decline from 37.8% the year before” 

Source: HBR 02/2021  Why Is It So Hard to Become a Data-Driven Company? ( Randy Bean


From our perspective, these are the two biggest mistakes organizations make:

  1. They underinvest in the organization (people, structure, or culture), process, and the strategic transformations needed to get on offense — in other words, to take full advantage of their data and the data analytics technologies at their disposal.
  2. They address data quality improperly, which leads them to waste critical resources (time and money) dealing with mundane issues. Bad data, in turn, breeds mistrust in the data, further slowing efforts to create advantage.”

Source: Review Getting Serious About Data and Data Science ( Thomas Redman & Thomas Davenport

Get a collection of Data-enabled business articles!​

What is inside?

A collection of 9 articles on the topics of:

  • Data value and monetisation
  • Data operating model
  • Data ecosystems
  • Digitalisation & sustainability 


We guide your transformation journey all the way and utilise a strong ecosystem of partners to provide leading expertise. We help you create new value creation opportunities with data. Identify, plan, and execute initiatives that drive real business value, always in an agile and co-creative way. 



Taival will provide you with a data-driven Value Model as a checklist for identifying value creation opportunities. We help you define tangible ways to boost your business model’s overall value-creation by using your data assets and data monetisation strategies supported by your operating model.


Taival will help adjust your business model to make the most out of your data. We help you understand the overall business logic of creating value using assets, capabilities & relationships to deliver products & services that solve valuable customer problems and win over competition.



Taival will help adjust your operating model to make most out of your data. We provide knowledge on how to structure, govern, and operate the business to optimise the monetisation potential of the selected value model and the performance of the overall business model. We help you correctly set up ecosystem operating model needed for viable data sharing ecosystems.

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There is no time to waste. Digital disruption will hit all businesses in all industries. The only question is: has it happened already? Leaders need to embark on the transformation journey already today, to create new value creation opportunities with data. Otherwise there will be no tomorrow.

Why Taival?

As a data-driven business model partner,
we help you scale

Taival supported us in the digital platform program by developing a generic framework for customer lifecycle processes. The work was done through interviewing key stakeholders and reviewing existing process descriptions and other materials. Created material works as the basis for further solution and business architecture development. The co-creation model that Taival used was both agile and lean delivering desired outcome.

Sampo Vörgren – Director, PLM and Customer Solutions, Valmet Oyj

Taival Advisory ran a two-week rapid digital exploration project for Tampereen Raitiotie Oy together with Shape Helsinki. The project helped us create a structured digital development roadmap by interviewing the key stakeholders and facilitating a service design workshop together with most of our partners. The work helped us further clarify the future role of the company in the Tampere transportation value chain and has received excellent feedback from the company and participants.

Pekka Sirviö – CEO, Tampereen Raitiotie Oy

Taival was in a key role defining the business & technology architecture for the UMA digital platform as well as in coordinating the multiple partners that were involved in the development project to launch a successful Mobile App

Risto Kivisilta – CIO, Technopolis

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