Make better business - build a better world. Renew your business to meet the demands of sustainable development and circular economy.

Respond to market demand

Secure a healthy demand for your services also in the changed market environment.

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Create new value streams

Assure your customers with your responsible business model and create new income streams.

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Manage environmental risks

Ensure a solid position against your competition with your operations by matching the new environmental legislation, standards, and recommendations.

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Attract investors

Attract informed investors with your clear circular economy business model and find new funding and partners to foster responsible business.

Sustainable success from sustainable development and circular economy

Do you want to succeed in a competitive environment in which responsibility is becoming a more important selection criterion? We will guide you in the new terrain.

We strategically and holistically promote business in accordance with sustainable development and a circular economy by combining data, technology, and ecosystem thinking.

Circular Business Assessment

Together with Taival, WWF Germany has developed a Circular Business Assessment, which uses a granular questionnaire to record and evaluate the current status of a company in nine categories. From the evaluation we can derive a status quo and a transformation roadmap.

Design 4 Circularity

Circular Design is a new way of approaching product and service development to create value for all stakeholders while doing good for the environment.

Businesses will need to adopt robust circular design methods in order to effectively transition into sustainable business practices.

Utilising our proven and tested Circular Design Framework, you will be able to identify and understand upcoming legislation and trends while building the required capabilities to develop products and services that will build the foundation for your sustainable business success.

With our sustainable development and circular economy services, you create for your business

  • An understanding of organizational competence in the themes of sustainability,

  • The attitude and competence for building genuine ecosystem partnerships,

  • A clearly defined vision and strategy for sustainable development/circular economy and

  • A concrete roadmap and metrics for success in action. 

Sustainable development and circular economy

Success from sustainability and circular economy


“Major global challenges, such as climate change, require a whole new way of thinking. The circular economy calls old practices into question and creates room for sustainable, innovation-driven economic growth. The growth potential of the circular economy in Finland alone is estimated at nearly 2.5 billion euros. “

Source: (Pekko Soini, Director General and CEO, Business Finland)


”Finland’s growing circular economy is constantly creating new business opportunities. Finland’s circular economy can generate 2.3 billion euros in added value annually by the end of 2030. Finnish expertise related to digitalization, artificial intelligence, and robotics also enhances the circular economy.”

Source: Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra


We serve you in all 3 stages of journey in sustainable development and circular economy

 Together with us, you will recognize, plan, and implement sustainable development principles and beneficial digitalisation projects which will result in concrete business operational outcomes. We bring specialist expertise as needed from our broad partner network.



Taival will facilitate and manage impactful training programmes and workshops on circular economy to your key decision makers, management, staff and /or stakeholders to boost your circular journey. 

Taival will take you through a steep learning curve to execute a circular awareness campaign across your organisation involving your key stakeholders, if needed. 

Taival will help you to understand your carbon impact with clear methodology and metrics to fortify your message of responsible business operations to clients and stakeholders.  


The Taival is your expert team member to help you excel in your circular design journey through the whole value chain of your business. 

Taival will help you to identify clear circular business opportunities and potential new circular income streams related to your established business model or fully new opportunities.

Taival expert team will help you in understanding the strategic impact and in identifying, experimenting, and implementing your new circular strategy. 

Taival will guide you through a structured roadmap process resulting with clear time-based roadmap including actions and metrics to manage your circular journey.  



Taival will work together with you to manage a sprint-based working model in order to ensure that your circular projects and pilots result in impactful outcomes. 

Circular economy will require major changes in the business model. Taival will help you in establishing a clear design and implementation of your circular business model.  

The path to change in circular economy

Getting started is always the hardest part. The change to a new business model does not happen overnight. That is why we in the Taival team utilise the Agile method to create progress.

In our experience, quick “sprints” are the best way to get moving, test and verify, so that the entire organization understands the benefits and challenges of sustainable development and the circular economy – and begins to take action.

At which stage is your organisation right now?

Path to change in circular economy

You increase agility once you recognize the stage of circular maturity of your organisation.

Sustainable development and circular economy levels

You can test your readiness level using our simple maturity analysis here. Better yet, contact us and we can determine your starting situation together.


These companies have already trusted us

Why Taival?

As a sustainable development and circular economy partner, we are
valued by our clients

The method was efficient and invigorating. The sprint-like work allowed for fine-tuning during the process. 

Jaana Pelkonen – Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation

The work produced by Taival is very useful to use, and the next task is to bring the other parties in the ecosystem to the same level.

Yrjö Nikkanen – Chairman of the Board, Palpa 

Taival played an important role in crystallizing and shaping the business plan to accelerate PlasticOil’s future growth.

Juha Pinomaa – Chairman of the Board, PlasticOil

Start now

Don’t wait until the situation is perfect or in crisis. Future leaders are brave enough to embark on the journey to transformation already today. Learning is part of the journey; we will help you acquire the skills on the way.

Contact us

Book a meeting with us where you will get:

  • A picture of your organisation’s readiness level for transitioning towards sustainable development and circular economy business
  • Knowledge of key cornerstones and the next logical steps on the path to sustainable success
  • An understanding of what other organisations are doing and how development is supported

Your Sherpas

Meet us all!

The business environment is changing – what does change look like at your company?

The pressure to respond to climate change is acute. For companies, it appears to be a new kind of risk:

  • Demand falls as customers choose more responsible products and services.
  • Current business does not meet the requirements of new laws and regulations
  • Current competitive advantages are becoming obsolete
  • Investors are interested in more responsible investment targets.


Many companies already have a strong will and ability to make their business more sustainable. The real risk is that your customer will choose a more environmentally responsible partner.

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Taival is a new type of advisory company with a purpose of helping organisations achieve sustainable success. We help you create success from fustainable development and circular economy.