Circular Business Assessment

On the path to climate neutrality and resilience against today's changes in the business landscape, transforming to a circular business establishes essential capabilities.

Together with the WWF Germany, Taival Advisory has developed a holistic circular economy maturity assessment, which gives you orientation where you stand and what to do next during the transformation to a circular company:

The Circular Business Assessment


Transitioning to a circular economy helps you to counteract the many pressures companies face in todays changing business landscape.

  • Meet sustainability demands from customers, regulators and investors
  • Create new revenue streams and business models
  • Become more resilient with new supply chain processes


Circular Economy is a holistic and complex approach to implement in a company. The Circular Business Assessment provides orientation and guidance in the transformation process.

The Circular Business Assessment supports you to:


Understand you position…

… by receiving a structured overview of all relevant business areas for the circular transformation, of your current circular measures as well as your gaps and improvement areas.

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Shape your strategy…

… by receiving recommendations to fill the gaps and a roadmap with next steps to a circular company.

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Prepare for future regulatory challenges…

… by review management and operational processes based on compliance with the CSRD regulations with focus on ESRS E5.


Get an outside-in view…

… by providing a neutral third-party report which can be used as internal and external communication tool to underline the urgency of circularity.

The Circular Business Assessment offers a structured approach and a credible report in collaboration with WWF Germany.


In 2022 the Circular Business Assessment was piloted together with three companies from the chemical, construction and retail industries. Based on the feedback from the pilot projects the Assessment was adapted and improved, to now help each company in the circular transformation

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For whom?

Independent of your circular maturity level, the Circular Economy Assessment creates value for you by:

  • providing a first outline for the circular transformation,
  • identifying the current and final gaps in your strategy,
  • guiding your path towards a circular company,
  • acting as a communication tool.


The Circular Business Assessment will provide insights on the status quo of your circular maturity, your gaps and improvement areas. Collaboratively, we create a roadmap with the next steps and projects in your transformation to a circular company.

The assessment is based on a blueprint of a circular business to provide guidance during the transition. Based on the blueprint the assessment is divided into different categories, for each a circular maturity level is defined to assess company processes, strategies, operations, and systems and guides the way to reach full circularity.

The Circular Business Assessment is based on a granular questionnaire, complemented by in-depth executive and stakeholder interviews. In the final rating, all insights are evaluated to define the circular maturity and create a holistic report on the status quo and suggested improvement areas.

The duration of the project execution is 3 months.

Do you want to read more about the assessments or about circular economy?

The Circular Business Assessment is based on the “One Planet Business Framework” developed by the WWF Germany.

WWF’s vision is a “One Planet Business Economy” – an economic system whose actors act in a socially responsible manner within planetary limits.

The “One Planet Economy” distances itself from the linear economic logic, uses limited resources responsibly, and protects the climate and our terrestrial and maritime ecosystems.

With the WWF ’s “One Planet Business Framework”companies can structure and actively shape sustainable change. The framework holistically evaluates the business activities and models of companies based on ecological and social aspects and shows recommendations for action for a sustainable transformation path.

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