Design 4 Circularity

Achieving sustainable business success requires circular product & service design to address the changing business environment and stakeholder requirements.

A Disruptive Storm is forming for companies across all sectors​

  • Customer demand is shifting
  • Regulators are putting in place stricter regulation
  • New competition emerges by rapidly evolving technology 
  • Investors are considering Sustainability metrics

Succeeding in this rapidly changing operating environment requires a new set of capabilities, skills and tools.

Circular Design is a new way of approaching product and service development to create value for all stakeholders while doing good for the environment.

Businesses will need to adopt robust circular design methods in order to effectively transition into sustainable business practices.

Utilising our proven and tested Circular Design Framework, you will be able to identify and understand upcoming legislation and trends while building the required capabilities to develop products and services that will build the foundation for your sustainable business success.

Circular Design Framework

Reference cases

Methodology and tools

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Our experts

Max Marwede

Senior Advisor

“Our approach to Circular Design enables the creation of a circular system that goes beyond organisational borders to deliver best results for all stakeholders while creating a positive environmental impact.”

Tapani Jokinen

Principal Design Advisor

“Utilizing our Circular Design framework, we help companies in building the required capabilities to successfully master the transformation towards a circular world.”


“We were looking for a company that could support us in our sustainability transformation. We made the right choice by selecting Taival. They helped us to better understand what EcoDesign means and to create alignment on what actions to take next in our transformation. We gained skills and practical tools we can readily utilize. I am extremely happy with the co-operation with Taival.”

Juhani Väättänen
R&D Manager, ABB

“After this introduction to circular design I surely can understand that transformation from linear economy to circular economy is not an easy one – many things must change … based on this half-day workshop, I can say, that circular design is definitely something that I warmly welcome to change the way we think about owning and using products. It will be very interesting to follow the future of the circular design.”

Erika Niemi-Vanala – “Designing Sustainable Future” workshop attendee 

Methodology and tools

Our Circular Design Framework builds on the EcoDesign Learning Factory by Fraunhofer IZM that our experts Max Marwede and Tapani Jokinen co-developed.

Community and Partners

Circular Berlin is a non-profit organisation – developing the circular economy in Berlin, through knowledge building, practical programmes, community development, and education.

Circular Munich is a community of Citizens Politics and Businesses, enabling the transition towards a circular city.

We strongly believe that digital technology will be a key enabler for the shift towards a circular and more sustainable world. ​Therefore, we founded a Digitally Circular community platform in 2018 to build a strong ecosystem and co-create circular solutions with the help of digital technology. 

We are part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community

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