You have a unique opportunity to be
A Sustainability Forerunner

The perfect time to consider sustainability is now
Discover how

why sustainability?

Our world needs sustainable solutions

In the state of climate emergency we can't afford to create more waste.
Would you like your product to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Your customers want it

Customers are environmentally aware and demand transparency, sustainability and commitments.

Legislation is keeping up

European Green Deal to be climate-neutral by 2050, governments' and cities' commitments require players to comply to the sustainability minimums.

Green money

Big VCs in Europe and US prefer to fund sustainable innovations over the unsustainable ones.

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What is Circular design? ♻️

Approach to both product and service design that takes into consideration the entire life-cycle – from the extraction of raw materials to production, distribution and use – all the way to recycling, “repairability”, and disposal.

To "circular design" a product or service means:

  • Make it desirable for your customers
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Maximize business impact
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Practical, creative and interdisciplinary training following a user-centric design process.

For whom is this workshop?
It is aimed at those involved in product and business development and anyone who wants to learn how to implement circular design practices
What is the content?
- how to develop a sustainable product
- create a closed loop product-service system
How is it delivered?
Fast and intensive intro into the topic, focus on practical application of insights
What is the cost?
The workshop is free!
I am interested!


Tapani Jokinen

Michael Hanf

Tapani is a Principal Design Advisor at Taival.

He has over 25 years extensive design experience globally. He has unique skills to apply design- and lifecycle- thinking to drive sustainability-led innovation in development of products and services, which answers to the growing global demand for more sustainable products and helping companies in transition from linear to circular economy.

Michael is the CEO and Executive Partner at Taival.

With more than 17 years in business and technology consulting, Michael has deep experience in helping companies deliver and navigate disruptive change. He’s passionate about bringing together corporates, start-ups and senior experts into an open ecosystem to deliver impact and value.

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80% of environmental pollution and 90% of manufacturing costs are the result of decisions taken at the product design stage, so circular design is key to accelerating our transition to a circular economy.

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