Change is good!


Tag : reinventing-strategy

You might have seen that we have done some changes in Taival’s Management Team at the beginning of the year. While Petri took over as the CEO for Taival Advisory, Michael changed into a COO role and took responsibility for our German business. We feel that the changes we made will enable us to accelerate our growth journey and put us in an even better position to deliver sustainable business success for our customers, our Taivaleers, and our ecosystem partners. Therefore, we wanted to share the perspective of the two people at the center of this change to provide you with an outlook on what we are up to at Taival.

Change is good. Which is why we at Taival gathered our courage and made these decisions during a time of continued success. Our underlying intent is to stay alert, test out new things, and deliberately challenge our recipe for success. To do this in a way that simultaneously maximizes our agility while leveraging our existing strengths. To work seamlessly together to ensure full focus on our core capabilities, client relationships, ecosystem partnerships, and dedicated team of Taivaleers. Now and in the future.