How can your business succeed in the sustainable change?

The Circular Maturity Self-Assessment will help to understand how to stay on top of the legislation and out-innovate your competition

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why circular economy?

Crucial challenges such as climate change, limited resources, shifting customer needs as well as legislative but also behavioural changes of market players are making us rethink the existing patterns.

Customer Demand Shift

More than 70% of consumers consider sustainability an important factor in purchasing decisions.

48% are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

Sustainability Legislation

The United Nations, European Commission and the German government introduce stricter regulations for a sustainable way of production and consumption.

Investor Requirements

Investors are considering sustainability metrics as key part of their investment decisions.

Stock listed organisations or those seeking financing need to showcase that they can produce their products and provide services in a sustainable manner.

Find out how to lead your business towards Circular Economy with our Self Assessment

The assessment provides an overview of the state of Circular Economy in your organization.

It determines the level of circular maturity and circular potential, and allows you to see practical measures to improve the level of maturity and reach the potential.

How does it work?

The model is based on a comprehensive research and various expert interviews.

We relied on Porter’s Value Chain Model and supplemented it according to the current state of research. As a result, we defined six achievable levels of circular maturity and respective options to improve:

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To assess the maturity of your organization on a high level we provide you with the Taival Circular Self-Assessment.
It is applicable for any kind of organization and subdivided into four sections:

Organizational Structure & Strategy
Procurement & Operations
Innovation & R&D
Marketing & Sales.

As an intuitive tool, it assists in identifying an organization’s circular maturity, measures the current level and spots fields and activities to be improved on.

After completion, one will receive a personal maturity level assessment.
Together in a set of workshops, Taival will develop customized corresponding measures and individual recommendations.

The assessment tool represents a starting point.
Together we will support organizations in the creation of a Circular Economy roadmap by identifying hotspots and delivering opportunities for further development.

Get a glimpse by doing our Circular Maturity Quick Check or book a meeting with one of our experts directly.

A strategy co-creation company

The business landscape is more complex and challenging than ever before. That’s why we upgraded the concept of strategy to meet the demanding needs of today’s digital age.

To navigate the change you need a clear goal, detailed route plan, winner mindset and committed people around you. We don’t just give you the map and say “go”. We’ll be with you all the way.


Palpa operates the deposit-based plastic, glass and metal bottle and container recycling system for Finland.

They needed support in aligning their strategic purpose and direction for the coming years, with considerable changes and pressures in their operative environment.

HSY logo


CircHubs is an EU financed, Six City Strategy project which is initiated to enhance the progress of circular economy through developing the operations of eco-industrial centers.

HSY’s goal was to develop a methodology based on open innovation principles to accelerate R&D&I activities in circular economy. The project was carried out in co-operation with VTT and supported by Taival.

Smart & Clean

Smart & Clean and their key partners have committed to a “Closed plastic circle” goal for Helsinki region and Lahti.

Related to this goal Smart & Clean needed support in developing an initial operating model and a roadmap for creating a functioning plastics ecosystem.


Ductor is a global biotech growth company that is changing the world through ground-breaking innovations in the circular economy space.

Ductor is at the forefront of technological advancements to revolutionize the biogas industry while also addressing major global issues surrounding waste management, increased food demand, and clean energy needs.

Vantaa Aviapolis

Aviapolis launched a project to create a model for advancing its goal of finding sustainable transport, mobility and logistics solutions.

As part of this project Aviapolis aimed to make more use of traffic data to find sustainable, low-emission solutions and implement new services. The final goal was to develop a concrete concept and a roadmap for the implementation of a data company and concrete use cases.

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Maturity Model Whitepaper

We developed a Circular Maturity Model in order to collect and cluster information into a metric that allows to define your circular maturity stage.

We want you and your organization to understand how to lead different business activity areas towards Circular Economy.

The paper dives deeper into Taival's view on Circular Economy transformation and it is available for you for free.

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