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Weekly Taival Episode 3 – Strategy + DevOps = StratOps

How should strategic planning respond to the breakneck speed of today's world? It doesn't make sense to create 5-year plans when the industry changes in a span of a few months, weeks even. From exclusive to inclusive, from one-off to continuous exploration, from past results-driven to future scenarios. In this episode of our weekly podcast, we explore how strategic planning and execution should be in 2020.


Podcast Episode 2 – Disrupting Industries

Disrupting your own industry and what the current business success is built on, collaborating with competitors and building ecosystems. Petri brings a challenging topic into this week's discussion. Key Insights: - Industry-level transformation can't be done by a single company - it needs an ecosystem mode - Disruption may mean introducing conflicting business models and that requires a careful transition process management


Our new podcast – A Weekly Taival – Episode 1

Reko, Petri and Michael realised that the reflections of their weeks packed with insightful discussions and meetings with industry leaders are too good to keep to themselves. A weekly Taival is an answer to a simple question "How was your week?". Join our Executive Partner trio in their reflection on what they have learned during the week.