About the city of Vantaa

The city of Vantaa is a city and a municipality in Finland, that is part of the Finnis Capital Region. It is also the fourth most populated city in the country.

CircularHoodFood-project advances the development of carbon neutral urban environment, circular economy solutions and diminishes the carbon footprint of food production as well as enhances new business opportunities, collaboration and co-creation of new solutions.

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The challenge

Vantaa's goal is to promote a local sustainable food chain and develop a strong ecosystem of local food operators in the area. In connection with this, Vantaa and its partners are planning an urban food development center, which would bring together different types of actors in the field.

In order to develop the Urban Food Development Center, a preliminary study project was suggeste. The City of Vantaa needed support in planning the project, clarifying and prioritizing the essential issues.


Taival carried out rapid study work, which included e.g. analysis of the factors influencing the operating environment of the local food ecosystem, determination of the operating model of the ecosystem, the needs of the ecosystem actors, the benefits brought by the project, the essential issues and the main content of the project. The work also included a benchmarking analysis and interviews with potential actors.

"Taival team quickly caught on to what we wanted to develop. Through the cooperation, the basic concept developed clear milestones and a structure for the next steps. During the work I noted the strong competence of the team, e.g. in the development of the business ecosystem. We are pleased with the results"

Henri Laine

Co-founder, Puro.earth


As a result of the study, the City of Vantaa received:

  • A more advanced understanding of the content and progress of the project
  • Identification of essential questions
  • A clear and structured implementation plan that will enable Vantaa to proceed with the launch of the project.