”We engaged Taival to define a modern IT-architecture for our business. Their workshops were very efficient in fishing the quiet information about our processes and mapping that to IT-structures.”

Marianne Tikkanen

Co-founder, Puro.earth

About Puro.earth

Puro.earth is the world’s first marketplace to kick-start CO2 removal from the atmosphere.

Puro.earth is developing new verification methodologies for CO2 removal. Puro.earth offers and trades certificates from multiple long-term CO2 removal methods such as:

- CO2 fixated in carbonated building elements,
- wooden building elements, and
- biochar

Puro.earth launched as an internal start-up at Fortum.

As of June 2021 Puro.earth has been acquired by Nasdaq.

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As seen in Forbes:
Women Launch First Voluntary Scalable Marketplace For ‘Carbon Removal’ To Help Corporations Reach Net Zero

The challenge

Puro.earth has successfully established its position as a marketplace for CO2 removal. Now Puro.earth is aiming at scaling CO2 removal operations to an industrial scale at a global level.

Such a business scale-up requires a future-proof technology platform. A digital platform that delivers superior stakeholder experience while enabling business scalability from the perspectives of technology, performance and cost efficiency.


Puro.earth started a project to create a blueprint for the next-generation digital platform for its marketplace and engaged Taival to help lead and deliver the project.

Taival’s experts worked in a co-creative mode with Puro.earth’s team to design the next-generation platform and create a roadmap for making it reality.


Puro.earth’s growth strategy required a clear plan for enabling business scale-up. As a result of the project Puro.earth got a practical blueprint and an implementation roadmap for a future-proof digital platform to enable the scale-up of its marketplace.

As a side-benefit, the project also helped structure and modularize some of Puro.earth’s processes and services and supported discussions on potential future business opportunities.

“Processes, ways of working, tools, and swift response times effectively took the project forward. All work was done with top quality and within expected and agreed schedule. Taival is great for crystallizing complex business processes into sensible entities. We look forward to working with them on future projects!”

Tony Risikko

Puro.earth, Platforms and technologies