About Basemark

Basemark is a forerunning provider of real-time software solutions and professional services for the automotive industry.

 The company’s Rocksolid Engine is a world-class, real-time graphics and compute software solution for mission critical applications.

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The challenge

Basemark is a provider of software & services for automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and SOC companies. Its focus is graphics and compute tools, middleware & integration for embedded systems. Its core technological asset is the Rocksolid graphics rendering engine. The company has grown rapidly in professional services and intended to shift its strategic focus & direction towards becoming a leading product business.

As a result, Basemark was looking to develop a clear understanding of its future strategic direction with strong focus on the development of its technology and products.


Taival worked closely with the Basemark leadership team and Chairman of the Board in developing a clearly defined business and technology strategy that Basemark planned to use with a group of interested investors.

The project was executed in a three week, highly iterative model focused on three main building blocks:

  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Interviews with Mgmt. team & Board of Directors
  • Iterative Strategy Development


  • Understanding of operating environment and competitive landscape
  • SWOT analysis clearly outlining opportunities, risks and development needs
  • Defined vision and strategy that can be communicated to customers, investors and employees
  • Well defined Strategic focus areas
  • Outline of product and technology strategy