”Taival was instrumental in identifying, evaluating and closing the deal, which will accelerate the development of YIT’s Workery+ concept. During the process Taival worked closely with the YIT and Technopolis team and provided a structured approach for the business due diligence together with deep subject matter expertise.”
Anders Stenbäck
VP Offerings & Services, YIT Finland
About YIT

YIT is the largest Finnish and a significant North European urban developer and construction company, creating more sustainable, functional and attractive cities and living environments.

The challenge

The past year has forced companies to consider the post-pandemic needs of their business premises. The increase in remote work and the need for flexible spatial solutions and agreements are not going away anytime soon. In addition to functionality and comfort, employees are interested in the office’s location and public transport connections.

In January 2021, YIT launched its Workery+ concept, which provides companies with highly flexible business premises that meet the requirements for the new way of work. To accelerate the growth of the new Workery+ concept and acquire relevant capabilities, YIT was looking for acquisition targets that would complement its offering.


Taival helped the YIT team identify the acquisition target, conduct a first business evaluation, and do the business due diligence that led to the deal closure.

During the business due diligence, Taival focused on seven key areas: Operating Environment & Growth Plan, People, Business Model, Operating Model, Digital Capabilities, Brand & Marketing, and Customer.

The work was concluded by delivering a comprehensive final report and supporting the YIT team in preparing decision material for the management team.

More information is available in the official YIT press release about the acquisition: here


  • Identification of highly relevant acquisition target
  • Expert support in evaluating the acquisition target
  • Structured approach to evaluating the UMA business operations and verifying the match and value for YIT

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Michael Hanf
Managing Director of Taival Germany, Executive Partner