Smart & Clean and their key partners have committed to a “closed plastic circle” goal for the Helsinki region and Lahti. Related to this goal Smart & Clean needed support in developing an initial operating model and a roadmap for creating a functioning plastics ecosystem.

About Smart & Clean foundation

Smart & Clean was a world-leading community-building impactful climate solution for systemic challenges. The foundation’s five-year operating period ended on 30th June 2021.

The challenge

To achieve a closed plastic circle it is crucial to get different public and private organizations to cooperate effectively and work towards a common goal: finding solutions for all plastics to be reused or reprocessed to materials. However, defining and committing the actors to common objectives and proper cooperation has been difficult. It has also been problematic for different actors to bridge the strategic objectives with more immediate short-term actions.


Taival applied the rapid exploration approach to develop an initial operating model and a development roadmap for creating a plastics ecosystem including the following major components:

  • Ecosystem operating model: verification of ecosystem actors, roles, needs, processes, interaction flows, development KPIs and capabilities
  • High-level roadmap: definition of necessary milestones and major activities


  • Enhanced understanding about how to deliver value for and commit ecosystem parties
  • Crystallization of needed activities to start and maintain an ecosystem that maximizes plastic (closed-loop) circulation and minimizes non-circular flows while creating value for individual participants
  • Clearly defined operating model for a plastic ecosystem incl. definition of roles and capabilities
  • Actionable roadmap for concrete next steps towards implementing the plastics ecosystem

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Reko Lehti
Executive Partner